How To Make a Crystal Bead Bridal Bouquet

Photo of crystal beads

If you have decided to take a different route with the bouquet for your wedding, and want to use something that will become a gorgeous decoration in your home and a family heirloom, then crafting a bridal bouquet out of crystal beads is a great option for you. With the wide array of craft wire colors and crystal colors, you are guaranteed to find something that will match your wedding colors and delight your guests.

Gather your supplies.
You will need several supplies for your bouquet.  Depending on the size of your arrangement, these can add up quickly in price.  However, if you remember that you will be able to use this bouquet time and time again, then it is an expense easily paid. I suggest Swarovski crystal beads for your bouquet. Though they are more expensive than other crystals, they add a twinkle unmatched by other Czech or knockoff crystals. You will also need a gauge of craft wire that is thick enough to fit through the holes on your beads, but strong enough to hold up throughout the rehearsal and the wedding.  It's probably better to use thicker rather than thinner wire, because your flowers will hold the shape better over time. When choosing crystals, use 3 and 4 millimeter crystals as these will give your flowers a smaller, more delicate look.

Weave your flowers. This is a time-consuming process, and making each flower individually will be a better idea in the long run, because then they can be arranged individually to your taste.

For a project like this, I would suggest a French beaded flower style for your bouquet. It involves crafting each petal or a few petals wrapped around one stem at a time, and using floral tape to hold each individual flower together. It's a good idea to eschew the floral tape, and braid your craft wire together as the tape will corrode over time and need to be replaced. However, if you are concerned about replacing individual petals or beads over time, floral tape is a good suggestion since it will hold the stems and bases together more securely. Because crystals are much larger than seed beads, you will use significantly fewer crystals than if you were crafting your bouquet from seed beads.  It is a good idea, however, to use a complementary color of seed bead as spacers in between your crystals, because though they are flat on either end, if the crystals rub together then over time this can lead to cracking or erosion of your crystals.

Finish your bouquet using material similar to the bride's dress to wrap the flowers. If the veil was hand-made, material from that would be perfect.


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