How To Make a Diaper Stacker

A diaper stacker is a wonderful gift for a baby. Aside from being useful, it is also a great decorative item in a nursery. Here are some steps on how you can easily make a diaper stacker:

  • Prepare your tools and materials. Get a pair of scissors, some straight pins, a flat iron, an ironing board, and a sewing machine. You should also have a measuring tape, a piece of cardboard, a pencil, and some sheets of paper. Your materials should include a cotton fabric (about 1 ½ yards), a clothes hanger (child-size), a matching thread, and a fusible interfacing (about ¼ yard).
  • Cut your cotton fabric. Bring out a sheet of paper. Using your pencil, form a half circle. It should be 9” tall and 13” wide. This is going to serve as your pattern for the bag’s top. Cut the half circle and pin it directly to the fabric. Then, cut around the half circle. Once the first half circle has been done, cut a second half circle. Follow the previous steps.
  • Hold the half circle pattern and pin it to the fusible interfacing. Cut around the pattern. Again, you need two pieces. Look for the bumpy side of your fusible interfacing. Place it opposite the wrong side of your fabric. Continue by ironing your fusible interfacing directly to your fabric.
  • Your next task is to cut a rectangle out of your fabric. Its dimension should be 13” wide and 22” tall. You are going to use it as your bag’s back. Then, cut two more rectangles out of your fabric. The additional rectangles should be 7” wide and 22” inches tall. You are going to have them for your bag’s front. Cut the last rectangle out of your fabric. It should be 13” wide and 9” tall. You are going to set it for your bag’s bottom. When the rectangles are done, cut triangles out of your fabric. You need two of them, 22” tall and 9” wide. They are going to account for the bottom sides of your bag. See to it that each triangle tapers to a narrow point.
  • Stitch your diaper stacker. Begin with your one of your front rectangles. Fold its long edge over (about ½”, towards your fabric’s wrong side). After that, make another fold (about ½”). Press your folds while you are stitching them. Use your matching thread.
  • Then, work on the front pieces. Position them with the right side going up. Stitch their edges. Get one of your front pieces on top of your bag’s front. Pin it, stitch, and press the seam. Do the same steps for the back pieces.
  • Eventually, check out the curved edges of the half circles (about ½”). Press and stitch them. Add the side triangles but your seams should be pressed open. Proceed by lining up the unsewn edges and stitching them. Go to the half circles on top of your diaper stacker. Pin them, in front and at the back. Stitch on the edges, providing for a 2-inch opening at your bag’s top center. Then, work on the bottom part. You can do that easily by turning your diaper stacker upside down.
  • Finish your project by cutting a cardboard and covering it with fabric.


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