How To Make a Diaper Wreath

Getting ready to throw a baby shower can be overwhelming. You want to do something special for the mom to be but you also want decorations and party favors that are quick and easy. Consider decorating the door with a diaper wreath. They are easy to make and a great gift the future mom can take home then use when she needs a clean diaper at hand.

Package of disposable diapers (at least 1 dozen)
Wreath frame
Floral wire
Decorative ribbons, bows and baby toys/rattles/teething rings


  1. Plan the size and look of your diaper wreath. The amount of diapers needed depends on the size of the wreath frame you buy so try to plan ahead. Then decide what you want the wreath to look like. Find out if the parents have a theme for the nursery or if they know the sex of the baby. Create the wreath to coordinate with the nursery theme then they can hang it on the nursery door before the child arrives
  2. Unfold the diapers. When packaged, diapers are folded up and compact. You want to unfold them so that you can wrap them around the wreath frame in the next step.
  3. Place the wreath frame on a table, then wrap the diapers around the frame. Put the diapers under the frame them wrap them up so that the open sides are facing up toward you.
  4. Gather the open ends and tie with ribbon. Take some time to experiment with this step. Gather the diaper close to the wreath frame so that the knot will be secure. Then shape the gather or just tie a ribbon around it to hold it closed. Once the ribbons are all tied, adjust the diapers for a more uniform look and close any gaps between diapers.
  5. Turn the wreath over. Now the gathers are at the back of the wreath and the front looks like a bunch of soft pillows formed by the diapers. Make sure to identify the top of the wreath and the hanger wires so that you decorate the wreath in the position it will hang.
  6. Decorate the wreath. Use the ribbon and toys to decorate the wreath. Secure the toys to the wreath with the ribbon or tape. Create a bow with the ribbon for the top of the wreath as well. Consider draping ribbon curls down a side. Be creative at this point. This is where your individuality and the nursery theme get put together.
  7. Use the floral wire to create a look at the top. This loop will be used to hang the wreath from a door or wall. Secure the wire tightly to the frame so that the wreath won’t fall.
  8. Give your gift at the shower and watch the joy on the new mom’s face. Moms love a gift like this diaper wreath. It celebrates the theme they chose and is a practical gift as well.

There you have it, only a few steps and you created a decorative gift that your guests and the new mom will rave about.


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My daughter received one of these at her baby shower. It received plenty of oohhhss and aahhhss! Absolutely adorable and such a fun gift!

By Diane Timberlake

I would love to see a picture of what this wreath should look like -- I will be hosting a shower soon and this sounds like a fun thing to do.

By Marion Cornett