How To Make a Girl Become Obsessed with You

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God once decided to give a man a gift for all the good deeds he had done in his life. He said to the man “For all your good deeds, I shall grant you one wish.”  The man answered by asking for a Harley Davidson motorcycle. God responded by saying, “That is such a selfish request. It doesn’t benefit any other cause but your own.” The man apologized and proceeded to change his request. He then said, “God, I am sorry I was selfish, I had a misunderstanding with my wife and I just want to ask that every man understand how women feel, their wants, their desires, what makes them who they are.  This would just make life better for everyone”. Taken a back God then said, "Oh, so do you want that Motorcycle in 800cc or 1000cc?”

Girls are complicated but we keep plugging along for their attention. If you can turn the tide and have a girl obsess over you, would you do it? Of course you would!  Here are some simple steps to help you get a girl obsessed on you.

  1. Calm down. Normally, sweating and stuttering is not a good sign. You have to calm down and remember that girls are just like you but totally different. Remember a calm and cool demeanor gives you an air of confidence that girls like. Calm down and act as a friend. A true friend. Not like a friend acting as a friend to get into a girl’s pants.
  2. Fly below the radar but don’t fly too low. Being a friend opens the door of opportunity but it can also close it. Friends are important to girls.  A good friendship is an excellent foundation for a good relationship. Be honest with her though. Tell her how you feel or show her that you are interested in her as more than just a friend because when you are labeled as just a friend, then that is exactly what you will be.
  3. Take it slow. Have some patience. Assess who you are to her. Most of the time, guys mistake kindness and fondness for love. Don't mistake her kindness for her liking you as more than a friend just yet. You will grow on her eventually.
  4. BE the best you can be. Your image counts. Look good for her. If you want her to be obsessed with you, then it would be good to give her something nice to obsess about. Use your charm to charm her pants off. Everybody has charm and a sense of humor won’t hurt. Try watching old movies and emulate the leading men there. Good looks will only get you so far. Eventually you will have to find something to talk about. Girls like men who are good conversationalists. If you don’t have the gift of gab, practice in front of a mirror. No need for cue cards. Just be confident.
  5. Limit your flirting. Flirting is nice and all, but don’t overdo it. A girl doesn’t like it when you flirt with her too much. It is tiring. Also, don’t flirt with other girls when you are with her. For her to obsess over you, you must at least make her feel as though she is the most important thing in your life.
  6. Grow the seed of obsession. Now that you planted the seed of obsession, it is time to grow it. Sing her a song or bring her to a popular movie. Do things that will remind her of you when she hears or sees them.

Making a girl obsessed about you is nice and all, but I prefer obsessing about a girl. It just seems more natural. The good thing about this is if she finds that you are obsessed about her, she will find good reason to be obsessed about you.


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