How To Make a Good Impression on a First Date

First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions
First dates have to be one of the most nerve-wracking events in anyone's life.  You finally muster the courage to ask for a date or, conversely accept one and now, the days leading up to the first date are a minefield of questions.  How to make a good impression on a first date is the foremost thought on the minds of nearly everyone in this situation.

Personal Checklist To Insure A Good Impression On A First Date
Beyond making sure every detail of your attire is perfect, every strand of hair is in place and no tiny flaw is visible, before the first date arrives, it's necessary to do a personal checklist so the nervous feeling doesn't ruin what could be the most wonderful time of your life:

1. How's Your Self-Confidence?
Most people find that a first date seems to make all sense of self-confidence vanish.  But, that's when it's most important to shore up personal self-confidence.  That begins with liking yourself as much as you like your first date. Lots of the first date jitters stem from lack of self-confidence.

2. Communication Skills

On a first date, communication skills become stuck in a kind of slow-motion time warp.  Every word seems to be difficult and graceless.  In normal circumstances, you introduce yourself, ask how the other person is and the conversation fairly glides like a swan.  This is the time to recall that there are potentially 3 minutes on a first date when communication may be a tad rough.  Time yourself.  After those 3 minutes pass, take a deep breath.  Then, exhale.  Everything will seem less awkward.  Now, you can relax and enjoy the other person, the date and the entire evening.

3. A Good Impression
When you meet someone, what particular thing about them leaves a lasting impression? These are the same things most people are impressed with.  It can be a singularly tranquil demeanor, being a good listener, knowing how to ask the right questions, a compatible sense of humor or even similar likes and dislikes.  Know what creates a good impression.  It's very likely something consistent with most social interactions with others.  Women are especially impressed by good manners.  Men are often impressed by a woman's ability to be attentive.  There are other things that are impressive - impeccable taste in clothing or jewelry, a high level of intelligence or a diverse interest in the arts.

When the evening finally arrives, armed with a complete arsenal of self-confidence, honed communication skills and awareness of your keen social grace, the first date won't fail to create a good impression.  No faux pas will ruffle the feathers of the person who can pull off a masterpiece of social charm on a first date.


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