How To Make a Guy Fall in Love with You

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Are you looking to turn a casual friend into a boyfriend? Or maybe you are looking for love in your current relationship. You can get a guy to fall in love with you if you're honest with your own heart... but a little advice never hurt! In fact, we all need it from time to time. These steps below will get you started on the road toward romantic bliss.

  1. Make the best of your assets. Every woman has assets. Whatever yours are, you should use them to your advantage. Take care of personal hygiene and dress with care. Don’t try to become someone you are not. Just show what you have in a positive light. Wear clothes that fit, flatter (not flaunt) and colors that complement your skin.
  2. Show your confidence. A confident woman is attractive. Let your self-assurance show when you enter a room. Speak to the guy and his friends with confidence to show you can be an equal partner, worthy of the guy you want.
  3. Get to know the guy. Meet his friends. Find out where he hangs out and what he likes to do. When possible, get to know his friends and show that you are willing to fit in with them and respect that sometimes they will need guy time that you won’t be a part of. A guy is more likely to stick with a woman who lets him be himself.
  4. Have a life. When trying to catch a guy’s interest and love, it helps to be interesting yourself. By having your own life, you have interests to talk about when you spend time with your guy.
  5. Be upfront about your own feelings but don’t apply pressure. If you are sure that you are in love with the guy, let him know how you feel. Love should be an emotion offered up freely without strings or conditions. Don’t play games and tell him your feelings in order to push him into reciprocating. Just be honest without pressuring him to return your feelings. Some guys need to work at their own pace.
  6. Have fun together. Relationships work when you can have fun and laugh together. Find activities you both enjoy and can do together.
  7. Accept his feelings for what they are. Feelings are irrational and emotional so they cannot be manipulated or controlled. If your guy falls in love, you may be his match. If not, don’t blame him or yourself. Accept that he just isn’t the right guy for you.

Remember, love cannot be forced. However, when you can, increase your odds by learning about the guy and acting on what you learn. Be patient and you may just be the love your guy is looking for.


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