Design a Satin Sash for a Homecoming Dance or Parade

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Homecoming can be the highlight of high school life. If you are short on funds or run out of time to order a homecoming sash, consider making your own. With a little time and creativity, you can create a simple yet stunning sash for your dance or parade.  

Designing your own sash will not only add beauty to your homecoming gown but the originality of making it on your own will allow you to stand out in a crowd.

To make a lovely satin sash:


2 - 6” x 36” pieces of white bridal satin
72” of trim ribbon ½” to 1” thick
Iron-on letters

Double-sided fabric tape
School pin

  1. Lay the pieces of white bridal satin flat on a table. The pieces should be placed end to end so they create one long piece and the shiny side is down against the table.
  2. Attach the two pieces. Sew the two ends together to create a single length of 72”.
  3. Place the trim ribbon against one long end. You should have a trim ribbon that runs the length of one side of satin fabric or 72”.
  4. Attach the trim ribbon. (Consider matching your trim ribbon to your school colors.) Using double-sided fabric tape, secure the trim ribbon slightly overlapping one side of the length of sash.
  5. Fold the sash fabric in half lengthwise. Match the edges of the white satin fabric to create a 3” wide sash with the trim piece on the bottom.
  6. Secure the sash seam. Use either the tape or needle and thread to sew a straight seam. The sash will be less likely to fray if the edge is folded and then sewn together.
  7. Attach the letters. With iron-on letters, you should lay them out on the sash for spacing first, then iron the letters following the iron-on package guidelines.
  8. Finish seam of each end of sash. You can make a simple seam finish for each end or add an additional piece of the trim ribbon. If you prefer, cut the sash ends into triangles, then finish the seam for a more sophisticated look.
  9. Secure the sash. Place the sash over the wearer’s shoulder with the homecoming title facing front. Wrap the other half across the back, then join the ends at the wearer’s hip. Using the school pin, attach and secure the ends to fit at the hip.

Homecoming is an important event--creating a personal and creative sash can make it even more special. Using iron-on letters and other decorations, you can dress it up even further with your school’s crest or mascot. When lit comes to the design, the sky is the limit.


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