How To Make a Homemade Sticker Book for Kids

Is the sticker collection of your kids out of control? Do you feel like your walls are being overrun by popular character stickers? Do you see Pokemon, Dora the Explorer, hearts, faeries and stars on your walls, tables and all other surfaces within your child’s reach? If so, it’s time to get her a sticker book. However, why not make it more fun by making it yourself? Your little one can even help out to make it truly personalized. Here’s what you need to do to make a homemade sticker book.

  • Get a three ring binder. You may already have an extra one lying around in the home. If not, go to Target or any office supply store and purchase a one inch thick three ring binder. You may also pick up clear binder sheets. These are plastic sheets that let you slide a sheet of paper inside. Unless you’re planning to place every single sheet of paper inside a plastic sheet, you only need a couple of sheets. This is where your child can place any unused or unopened stickers.
  • Get sheets of paper. To make it more interesting, pick up some colored sheets of paper. Get different colors so it will make for a lovely backdrop for the stickers. You can have your little one choose the colors she likes best. When you get home, punch holes on the side of the paper with a three ring puncher so you can place it on the binder.
  • Decorate the sheets. With crayons, magic markers and a lot of artistic creativity, let your child draw on the sheets to make a backdrop for the stickers. Let her think of a theme per page. For example, if she has fairy stickers, maybe you can let her draw a garden with flowers.
  • Place the stickers. Now here comes the fun part. Let your child place the stickers she wants on each page. If she’s not ready to stick the stickers on the paper, she can just put it inside the clear plastic sleeve you have set aside. Just tell her not to remove the original backing so the sticker doesn’t lose its adhesive. You must remind your child that once she places the stickers on the paper, she may not be able to remove it anymore without causing damage or tearing on the paper or sticker.
  • Cut wax paper. If you want to add an extra layer of protection for the stickers, you can cut out sheets of wax paper to place between the pages. This will ensure that the stickers don’t inadvertently transfer to a different sheet of paper. Slip the sheet of paper between the sticker pages so that it is alternating.
  • Make a cover for the binder. As a finishing touch, have your child decorate the binder cover to truly personalize the sticker book. She can unleash her creative inclinations!

This is a fun activity to do on a boring afternoon. At the end of the day, your child will have her very own handmade sticker book, while your walls and surfaces will be kept sticker free.


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