How To Make a Kids Craft Table

Allowing your kids to do arts and crafts is a good exercise to stimulate their minds and to further their imaginations. Crafts can be a good way to bond with your children as well, you can try different crafts that would prove to be cheap and educational. It would also be nice to start them up with skills that they can use and develop in the future. With a good craft table, they can enjoy the confines of their space. They are able to concentrate more into achieving a goal to finish their craft.

A child craft table though may cost you some money. Good ones may cost you up to or even more than $250 including delivery charges. You can do your own craft and build them a table. It costs cheaper and sets a good example on your children.

  • Use a film treated board. When choosing your sheet of plywood, you may want the film treated ones so your kids can work on a smooth surface. These are also water resistant. If you find it a bit expensive, you may also choose to work with a plain board and add Plexiglas or melamine on the surface of the table. Get a 1 in plywood board or thicker. Birch wood is a good type but you can choose a different type of wood. Determine surface size of the wood to make sure your kids have enough room when doing their crafts.
  • Attach the legs. You need short legs for your kid’s craft table. Look for short coffee table type legs. You may also choose universal bed legs that you can attach on the table. This way, they sit on the carpet or grass so you don’t have to spend more on small chairs. To install the bed legs, you need to turn the table over with the film side down and use one of the bed legs to mark the corners of the table. Use a pencil marker to do this. Make sure you mark the holes of the bed legs on the table. There are usually 4-6 holes where to attach the legs. Once you mark the areas, drill ¼ of an inch on the designated holes. Make sure the holes are smaller than the threads of the screws you are going to use. Avoid drilling deep to make sure the holes don’t show up on the surface of the table. Align the holes on the table with the holes on your bed leg. Lightly attach the screws to keep the legs in placed. When you are sure of the placement, tighten the screws. Repeat the procedure for the three other legs.
  • Sand and varnish/paint. Use a medium-grade sand paper to smooth out the rough areas and splinters. Finish the sanding job with a light-grade sand paper. Cover the surface of the table with newspaper and tape. Choose a non toxic paint since your child is going to spend time with the table. Paint the table with your chosen color. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly before using.

You may now let your children use the table to work on the crafts you have chosen for them to do. This is a very easy project that you can do. Remember to wear protective gear when using wood.


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