How To Make a Kids Pencil Holder

By making your own kids’ pencil holder, you can save about $3. Plus, you’ll help save the environment by recycling something. This project can also turn out as a great bonding moment with your kids.

But first, look for something that you can make as a pencil holder. Look around your house and review your collection of reusable trash. There must be something there that you can use for this project. It can be toilet paper rolls, used newspapers, old cans, sturdy boxes, CDs, etc. Anything that can hold pencils can practically be a kid’s pencil holder.

Used Can Pencil Holder

  • Prepare the can. Remove the top lid of the can and its label. Opening the can might produce uneven and rough edges around the opening. Even that out by using a hammer. Wash the can with warm and soapy water. Wipe it dry and you’re ready to turn that into a pencil holder.
  • Decorate the can. Look at that plain can and imagine how you would want that to turn into a pencil holder. It can be covered with a colorful fancy paper or a thick fabric. It can also be painted with acrylic paint. Add embellishments if you want to. It will be easy if the base is plain. Let the kids add their favorite embellishments—buttons, stones, shells, ribbons, and beads.

You may turn the can into your kid’s favorite animal. Use a pair of wiggly eyes and cut out papers to shape the animal’s face.

Toilet Paper Rolls Pencil Holder

The rolls will create round sections for the pencil holder. This will be perfect for separating pencil colors, crayons, rulers, and scissors.

  • Stick the rolls together. You can use as many toilet paper rolls as you would like. Stick them together using a glue gun.
  • Cut out a sturdy box for the base. Put the paper rolls on a sturdy carton. Trace their base using a pencil. That will be your guide for cutting out the base. Stick the base to the bottom of the paper rolls.
  • Decorate the toilet paper rolls. Ask your kids to take care of the decoration. Wrap them with decorative paper and put embellishments.

Paper Mache Pencil Holder

  • Prepare the paper mache. Cut newspapers into paper strips. Blow up a balloon to how big you want the pencil holder to be. Cover the balloon with newspaper strips. Use paste or white glue to stick the papers together. Make at least three layers of paper covering. The more layers, the thicker and stronger the pencil holder will be.
  • Cut a hole for the pencil. Use a cutter to cut out the hole. It should be enough to hold the pencil. If the paper mache is difficult to cut, wet the portion first with a damp cloth. Wait until that part is softened before cutting out for the hole.
  • Cover the paper mache with a clean paper. This is not necessary but doing so will make painting the mache easier.
  • Paint and decorate. Use your kids’ desired poster paint to decorate the paper mache pencil holder. Add embellishments like wiggly eyes or beads. Trust your kids’ creativity on this.

The pencil holder is now ready to serve your kids or maybe even you. These pencil holders are not only limited to holding arts and crafts supplies, though. They can be useful to other things, too, like holding bills, coins, and candies.


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