How To Make a Man Feel Sexy

Making a man feel sexy requires very minimal effort. Man wants to feel successful more than he wants to feel sexy. For as far as the ancient times, men are considered to be providers.

Of course, the most obvious way of making a man feel sexy is by complimenting him while having sex, but there are various ways on how to make him feel sexy without having to fake an orgasm.

Read on for surprisingly simple ways on how to make him feel sexy.

  • Cook for him. Finding time and making an effort to cook for your man will definitely make him feel sexy. Call him on the middle of the day and tell him that you will be preparing a surprise for him. Lead him on for his naughty ideas, but act innocent while you serve him a delicious homemade meal.
  • Listen to him. Men don’t like to talk about anything emotional. Learn how to act really interested when your guy talks about his friends or even football. Look intently into his eyes, smile on cue, and react on the things that require reaction. Listen to him as if what he’s saying is the most important thing for you. If you’re eyes are focused on him the whole time he’s ranting about his day, he will feel sexy that his day actually matters to you.
  • Make him feel needed. Men love independent women, but they still want to feel needed. Ask him to meet you at the grocery exit so that he can pick up the grocery bags for you. Occasionally tell your man that you need him to do errands. Remember to keep these tasks at a minimum, as you wouldn’t want to make him feel pestered. After each task, remember to compliment him by saying, “thanks! I wouldn’t have managed this without you.”
  • Compliment his looks. While most men are not self-confessed into being vain, there is no harm in complimenting him once in a while. If you’re man is sporting a new haircut, tell him that you like it. Run over your fingers on his locks and tell him how you love his haircut on him.
  • Touch him more. Touch his arms and thighs. Squeeze his muscles and make him feel how much you adore his specs. When walking in public areas, secretly touch him sensitive areas and act innocent about it. This will make him feel like you can’t wait to be with him privately.
  • When you want to say something to him, lean over and whisper into his ear. Blow some air into his ear before or after you say your piece. You can also “accidentally” touch the tip of his lobe using your tongue. Make sure you do this innocently as you wouldn’t want the public to see you.
  • Boost his ego. After a bad day at work, make sure you perk up his ego. Compliment his decisions and tell him how proud he makes you. Do this without sounding patronizing. Give him a long and luxurious back rub to ease up his tensions.

Remember these tips and make your man feel really sexy. Well, sexy lingerie matched with an equally sexy strip tease is another sure way to make him feel sexy.


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