How To Make a Man Interested in You

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You meet someone that interests you. The problem is that person does not seem to notice that you are there. When this happens to somebody, it can make that person feel disappointed. Some may even feel frustrated. Others feel challenged. They try to think of ways of how to make that person interested in them.

Here are some of the steps on how to make a man interested in you:

Give him a smile. Men notice women who love to smile. It makes them feel that you know how to have a good time. Seeing you smile may give the impression that there is no reason for hesitation if he is planning to approach you.

Show confidence. Men love it when they are with women who are confident with themselves. This characteristic attracts men more. Look smart when you are planning to meet him. Strike up a conversation to show him you talk with sense. Don’t be too confident, though. Men can be turned off if you seem too confident. 

Learn to give subtle hints. Learn to drop a few hints. The man you are interested in may not even have an idea that you like him. Make him feel you are interested in him. Give him a small smile. You may also touch his arm every now and then during conversations.

Listen when he is talking. During conversations, make it a point that the man knows you are listening to the things he is saying. Look interested. Encourage the man to open up more if you feel he is happy with the subject you guys are discussing.

Maintain your self-respect. Show the man that you are a woman who needs to be respected. Remember to maintain your composure. This may give him the good impression that you are someone he can be proud to be seen with.

Avoid being too aggressive. Some men may like aggressive women but most of them don’t. They prefer that they make the first move. Men tend to get scared if they feel you are coming on too strong. You might give the impression that you are desperate that is why you are too aggressive.

Be yourself. Show the man who you really are. Don’t even try to pretend to be someone you are not. Pretending may work for a while but you are not being honest to him and even to yourself. It may be a major turn-off.

Learn to give compliments. Make the man feel confident about himself. Study his physical appearance and compliment on what you think his best asset is. You can also please the man by giving appropriate praises to some of the things he says. However, you must remember not to be too patronizing. Too much compliment may go to his head.

Making a man interested in you may be a very challenging task. Keeping him interested in you may be more challenging. Start right and everything will fall into place. Who knows? When you succeed in getting his attention, you might even succeed in making him more interested in you than you in him.


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