How To Make a Nap Mat for Kids

Nap mats are so simple to do that even a person with less than basic sewing skills can make one. It does not involve complicated sewing techniques and construction. In fact, it is only about sewing together pieces of fabric. If you are interested in making a homemade nap mat for your kids, here are the step-by-step instructions. Trust that this procedure is easy to follow and will yield an inexpensive nap mat.

  • Have your materials ready. Get a fabric of your choice in a size that matches your children’s height. Especially if your kids are somewhat old, have several yards of fabric. The kind of fabric to use generally depends on your preference, but make sure to choose a fabric that is comfortable to lie on. You can use one fabric for the entire nap mat or choose coordinating fabrics. Aside from the fabric, you also have to prepare a foam and a matching thread.
  • Prepare the fabric. Before you proceed to the sewing proper, it is important that you first thoroughly wash the fabric. This will remove any chemical or dye that’s left on the fabric, which, if not removed, might endanger your kids’ health. After drying, press the fabric.
  • Cut the fabric. You need to cut two pieces from your fabric; their size again depends on the size of your kids. But let’s say you have preschoolers. In this case, you need to have a 25x45” nap mat. Cut two pieces of fabric that are 26 inches in width and 46 inches in length; the extra inch is for the seam allowances.
  • Sew the pieces of fabric. Start by basting. Put the two pieces together, their right sides touching. Pin the three edges, the two long sides and one short side. Make sure to pin an inch from the edges to make way for the seam allowances. Now, you can begin to sew. Run the fabric under the sewing machine, following the basting pins. Start from one side all the way to the bottom edge and right back up to the other side, leaving one end open. Remove all basting pins, then turn the nap mat so that its right sides are out.
  • Insert the foam. Your foam should be slightly smaller than the nap mat so that it can fit inside. The foam can be an inch smaller on all sides. But if it is quite bulky, the foam should be much smaller. Cut the foam according to the appropriate measurement and begin to slip it into the nap mat, pushing it right in.
  • Finish the nap mat. When the foam has already been fitted inside the nap mat, you can sew the open end close. Simply run it under the sewing machine and make a strong stitch. Fluff your nap mat a bit to remove any dust particles. Now, it’s ready for use.

You can also make a nap mat even if you don’t have a sewing machine. However, remember to make very strong hand stitches. You want the nap mat to last for a long time, so if necessary, make double stitches.


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