How To Make a Non-Slip Baby Hair Clip

Babies are definitely a very cute sight to behold. With their every little movement, their small footsteps, and occasional babbles, babies can really make you smile out of amusement and joy.  This is one of the reasons why you always find yourself offering too much attention and giving so much care to babies. You attend to them when they prattle and cry their lungs out for hunger or discomfort. You do your best in making them feel snug and comfortable in your home. You also exert much effort in feeding and lulling them into sleep.

One of the ways by which you can manifest your care to a baby is making them look neat and beautiful. This is very important because babies need a clean and healthy environment where they can play. At the same time, they need to be clean as well. They have to wear clean and comfortable clothes. One of the aspects which you need to put attention to is the baby’s hair. You have to arrange it carefully so it cannot hinder the baby’s sight.

To do this, you can resort to using non-slip baby hair clips to ensure that your baby’s hair is arranged well. Here are some tips you can follow to save you from buying them in the store. Follow these tips and you can make a non-slip baby hair clip. 

  1. Determine the kind of clip you want to make. There are a variety of clips that you can use for a baby. What design would you like to put in your clip? Would you like to have butterflies, beads or flowers put in it? Or would you go for little animal designs? You should also consider the material you will use. How many prongs will your non-slip clip have? Consider these questions first before you completely busy yourself with doing them.
  2. Arrange the materials you will use. Pick out the material you prefer. Prepare the ribbon, the thread, the small piece of clothing and the chosen designs. Cut them according to the size you have planned.
  3. Make the pieces of the material stick with each other. Use any adhesive in sticking together all the ends of the material you are using. When the ends of the material have been attached together, the core of the clip will be more invulnerable to damage.
  4. Secure the clippie and the design of your clip. When the core has been done, the next thing to do is to attach the clippie and the design. Use a strong hold glue in attaching the clippie and the design. Put the clippie at the back of the clip’s core. Then, let the design rotate around the clip.
  5. Do the finishing touches. Tighten the hold of the materials by adding more glue. This will ensure that the materials will not split apart once you start using them.

By following the steps above, you can make your own non-slip hair clip for your baby that will make her cute and nice. Eventually, you will find yourself enjoying every single time you spend with the baby in your household.


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