How To Make a Sagittarius Man Fall for You

If you like a strong, masculine, and decisive man in your life, the best star sign to choose is the Sagittarius man. The Sagittarius star sign is an archer, one of the most adventurous and forceful entities in the heaven. The Sagittarius is essentially a warrior in nature, and is afraid of very little. If these traits fit your character – and astrological nature – perfectly, then here are the steps to making a Sagittarius man fall in love with you.

Adventure. The archer is adventurous by nature. You should be able to hop on to his many side trips and journeys as he seeks thrills and fun. It can be anything from skydiving, canoeing, camping, or simply visiting new and foreign places. Do not be intimidated by the sports that he plays, and the hobbies that he keeps. If you can show that you are game for anything, he will appreciate you as his companion. You do not have to be as enthusiastic as he is when it comes to sports. But, you need to show support and a touch of personal adventure as well.

Freedom. The archer, like many other strong souls like him, wants and needs his freedom. One of the surefire ways to end a relationship with a Sagittarius man is by stifling him with too many restrictions and rules. Do not become overly jealous of the Sagittarius man and his female friends. If you know how to play your cards right, there will be no reason why he will seek companionship in others. And, although the Sagittarius man loves his freedom, he will generally know when to stop and when to respect boundaries.

Anchor his wild side. Although the Sagittarius man is adventurous and revels in freedom, he will also appreciate someone who can keep him grounded from time to time. Precisely because of this adventurous nature, he may end up with farfetched ideas that can only hurt him or disappoint him in the end. If you know how to break his wild ideas gently and sensibly, he will fall in love with you and realize just how important such a logical and caring partner can be.

Mystery. Some star signs such as the Cancer man will want to know everything about you. The Sagittarius man, however, will find you even more attractive if you keep some mysteries from him. Open your heart for him, if you must, but be sure to keep him tantalized with a few secrets every so often. He will find the depth of your mystery very attractive, and the constant revelations very thrilling.

Talk his talk. Finally, you should read up and catch up on the same interests that he has. Keep in mind that the Sagittarius man is a multi-faceted creature with quite the taste in music, film, arts, and philosophy. You should be able to discuss all of these fields with him, so that he will find you enthralling and fascinating. In spite of his wild side, he is still a man who appreciates intellectual stimulation.

Getting a Sagittarius man to fall in love with you may not be easy at first. But when you do get him to fall in love, you will definitely enjoy his company. Once a Sagittarius man’s trust and loyalty has been won, he can be very sweet, charming, and loyal.


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