How To Make a Scrapbook Page About your Kid's Favorite Things

When your child grows up, it would be lovely to have him see your creative account of his favorite things during a specific period in his childhood. A great idea is to do a scrapbook page with many of his/her favorite things. Take advantage of this activity as a way for you to get to know him/her better, as well as to give both of you creative outlet and quality time as well. In addition, you can do this every so often hang all works of art in your child’s room, creating a timeline of favorites!

  • Think and write. Before doing this project, have yourself carry around a notebook or a notepad. This is to allow you to jot down  as many of your child’s favorite things as possible. On the other hand if you are the techie type, you can just jot it down in your netbook or PDA or cellular phone. For added research, you can even ask family members or friends of your child regarding their observations about your kid’s favorite things.
  • Souvenirs and snapshots. Now, you are ready to collect things for your scrapbook page. Take a camera as well as a medium sized ziploc bag. You may now begin collecting memorabilia of his favorites. Say for example, your child likes McDonald’s french fries a lot. After one meal in McDonald’s, you can take home the tissue paper marked with McDonald’s logo, or you can even ask for a new, greaseless French fries packet. Alternatively, you can take photos of your child’s favorite things and have them developed.
  • Shopping for items. Now, decide whether you want a plain background or printed one, and the material to be used - cardboard, paper board or regular acid-free scrapbook paper. Illustration boards are usually sturdy and can hold heavier designs compared to paper. However, it may pose a challenge if you wish to hang it in your child’s room. Acid-free papers are preferred if you wish to keep the page for long, as they rarely discolor and stain. As for other designs, you can buy them from the craft store but magazine cut-outs will definitely be cheaper.
  • Design time. Write your child’s name and age under his/her photo. Let this occupy the center part of your sheet. You can purchase sticker borders or design your own borders. Then, before you attach each “favorite” item, employ different scrapbook methods to add drama to the artwork. First is paper tearing, which entails tearing the sides of the “favorite” item. Color the edges with brown eyeshadow. Second is the burning method, which entails burning the sides of the paper/photo using a lighted candle. Use a reputable brand of glue to ensure that the designs would not fall off. You may opt to label his favorite things with a colored marker and compose a short write-up. Attach stickers and sprinkle some glitters to put some life into the page. Finally, if you wish, you may sign your name, the date and time when you finished the scrapbook page.


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