How To Make a Seating Plan for Your Wedding

Once you decide that you are getting married and pick out your reception hall you will need to come up with a seating plan for your wedding. This is not always an easy task to do. You will need to sit down with your partner and go over the list in depth. It must be a joint decision. If the groom does not want to go over it then make sure that you get his ok on the final draft before submitting it to the reception hall.

Divide up your guests into lists. Family should go on one list, friends on another list and office co-workers, neighbors and friends of your parents onto another list. Making up your seating plan for your wedding will not be easy but if you follow a few easy steps it will make it as painless as possible.

After you have the separate lists made up, go over each one separately. First make a note of anyone that does not get along with another guest. Most couples have a few of these people on their invite list. Then take out a simple drawing of where the tables will be in your reception hall. Make sure the table numbers are on the ones in your drawing to make it easier for you later.

Of course you know who will be at the head table but if you come from a divided family and your parents no longer are on speaking terms, you might need to have two smaller head tables. Keeping the peace and making everyone happy is hard to do. Try to seat people who have things in common near each other. Once they start talking they will have things to talk about.

Most of the time when making your seating plan for your wedding you will be putting your co-workers and neighbors in the tables that are least desirable. These are usually by the kitchen door or next to the speakers for the band. It seems that this is the norm these days and is what is expected. Your guests will not mind as they have come to help you celebrate your big day.

The most important thing to remember when making your seating plan for your wedding is to keep the people that do not get along apart. Seat them across the floor from each other if you can. If you speak to them ahead of time, ask that they put their differences aside just for this one day so that you can rest a little easier on your wedding day.


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