How To Make a Silk Floral Cake Topper

A wedding cake with a lavish decoration naturally comes with an expensive price tag. And for those who have a very limited budget, going for a simple wedding cake becomes an easy choice.

But don’t worry. Despite your financial constraints, you can still manage to have your dream wedding cake. All you have to do is to order your tiered cake. It can be a fondant or anything that has a simple color pattern or overall design. That’s absolutely cheaper. And then, accent it with a silk floral topper. No, you don’t have to buy it. You can make it yourself. Aside from saving on cost, you can also personalize it for yourself and for your future spouse.

Here are the simple instructions on how you can make your silk floral cake topper:

  • Choose your silk flowers. You have a lot of choices. So, what’s the best thing for you to do? Well, you can narrow down your selection by considering these things: your preferred color for your wedding cake, your wedding bouquet, your favorite flower, the flowers that are presently in season, or the flowers that can represent the best things in your life. After you have made your decision, you can visit a nearby craft store and order your preferred silk flowers.
  • Prepare your silk flowers. Once you have gotten you silk flowers, get ready to work on them. Start with the stems. See if you need trim them. Ideally, it is always desirable to leave stems that are about 1” or 2” long. You can also opt to take out the stems entirely and just use the blooms.
  • Study how you can best position your silk flowers on your wedding cake. You can always rely on your creativity or on your imagination. Otherwise, you can talk to your family or to your friends. Ask for good suggestions. You can also browse some wedding magazines to solicit ideas. You can also visit some on-line sites to figure out some possibilities. Of course, you should not miss checking out the wedding cake stores in your locality. Bear in mind that your plan should be clear. Once you have positioned your silk flowers on your wedding cake, you can no longer transfer them somewhere else. A silk flower can readily make a hole or an indentation on your wedding cake. So, plan carefully.
  • Consider some ideas. If you are not really up from something complicated or intricate, you can always resort to the usual decorations. You can bunch up your silk flowers like a small bouquet and the place them on top of your wedding cake. Also, you can add clumps of them on your wedding cake’s tiers. Or, you can concentrate them on the base of your wedding cake then spiral up until you get to the top.

Your wedding cake is certainly going to be admired because of its silk flower topper. So, give it your best to make everything memorable. By the way, if you wish to keep your silk flowers, you can instruct the cake cutter not to throw them away. The cake cutter can save them in a box. And then, after the wedding, you can simply wash them with soap and water. Presto! You have your silk flowers again – all ready for your next event.


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