How To Make a Silk Flower Wrist Corsage

Woman's hands with corsage

Marriages nowadays have come with various innovations, whether it is in the motifs, the ceremonies of the wedding, the reception, and even the corsage used by the brides. Today most brides prefer the use of a wrist corsage or wristlets rather than carrying an elaborately designed bouquet. Using wrist corsages has particular advantages over using a bouquet. For instance, the bride can easily move her hand and do things that would otherwise be limited when she has a bouquet to carry around. Wrist corsages could be made in different ways using different materials, but usually a silk flower is used for this type of function for its durability. So how do you make a silk flower wrist corsage? Here are some steps you can easily follow:

  1. Prepare the materials. Before you proceed to making the silk flower wrist corsage, you have to prepare all the necessary materials. You will need ribbons of various colors, needle, thread, tape, and scissors among others.
  2. Choose the flowers. When you plan to make a corsage, you have to be sure of what type and size of flowers you are going to use. In this case you will be using a silk flower. You have to see to it that the sizes of the flowers are proportional. You should only use at most one large flower and complement it with other small silk flowers. Of course, you also have to be very careful with the choice of colors. While you need to establish motifs during weddings, you also have to be flexible enough with the designs that you deem fit for the occasion.
  3. Tape the flowers. After you have chosen the flowers, tape them together. Remember that the small flowers are only complementary. The big flower must be at the center and the smaller flowers that act as fillers should be at the background. After this, cut their stems proportionately so that it won’t look heavy.
  4. Measure the wrist. After you are done with the design, measure the wrist of the girl who will use the silk flower corsage. Cut the rubber band one inch shorter than the person’s wrist measurement so that it will be as tight as possible.  Then sew it into a loop.
  5. Polish the design. Hide the stems of the flower by wrapping a ribbon around them and tie it tightly. Afterwards, sew the silk flower corsage to the rubber band. If necessary, sew the rubber band through the ribbon to ensure a more secure corsage.

Voila! You already have your home-made silk flower wrist corsage you will be using in your wedding. Isn’t that easy? Bouquets are increasingly becoming obsolete and the use of wrist corsages or wristlets is quickly becoming the trend. So when the right time comes and you have found the ideal person to spend the rest of your life with, do not forget to include these in your wedding plans. It would also be a lot more fun if you try making them along with your friends. The work will be a lot easier and all of you will be a lot merrier. Enjoy!  


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