How To Make a Simple Rose Boutonniere

A rose boutonniere is a floral decoration that is mostly used by men during a wedding or some other formal occasion that requires the use of such rose boutonniere.  This will add a sense of formality and décor to the groom’s tuxedo or as an ornament to the groomsmen’s clothes that will indicate which part of the entourage they belong.

The rose boutonniere is somewhat similar to a corsage that is worn by women during weddings and formal occasion.  The difference between the two is that corsages often require a more decorative outlook that is most often adorned with ribbons and bows.  Rose boutonnieres are simpler and have no extra ribbons to decorate them as men use them. 

To start making your simple rose boutonniere you have to choose the right sized rose to create the necessary effect that you desire.  Take for example, for the groom’s boutonniere. You have to choose a medium sized flower to make it stand out from the groomsmen.  Otherwise, the groom will only look like a common groomsman rather than being the one that is about to be married. 

The materials needed for the simple rose boutonniere include a rose, a small piece of fern or baby’s breath or any filler that will add a touch of green to the boutonniere, 5 to 6 inches of floral tape, scissors and 1 to 2 pearl topped pins. 

  1. After considering the rose that you will use, make sure that you are able to care for it properly so that it will not look wilted or dying.  Make sure that you choose a rose with petals that have not yet fully bloomed into maturity.  Cut the stems at least 1 inch or 1-½ inches from the base of the flower. 
  2. Round up the filler or fern to the base of the rose head.  Make sure that it is only enough so that it will not replace the rose as the main decor of the boutonniere.  Cut it off at the base to almost the same length of the rose stem. 
  3. Bind the rose stem and the filler or fern stem to each other with the use of the floral tape.  Make sure that you do this as neatly and securely as possible. This is to prevent any mishaps like the rose falling with only the filler left in place.  Wrap the tape from the stem base up to the petal base.  Do this again by going downwards and wind it back up again to create the finish. 
  4. Use the pearl pins in the stem by inserting it in the bottom.  Again, make sure that you are able to bind the pin properly to prevent the rose boutonniere from falling when the occasion arises.  Preserve it by putting it in the refrigerator.  This is to keep the freshness of the rose boutonniere. 

To make the occasion more formal, rose boutonnieres are often used as one of the decors to make the tuxedos more attractive and bright.  Dullness and bored looking people are immediately enhanced because of the added decors to the formal clothes that they are sometimes uncomfortable in.


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