How To Make a Stuffed Animal Net

Keeping your child’s room tidy and organized is a little challenging, especially if your kid has a lot of toys but less storage area. One thing you can do to solve this problem is to hang a stuffed animal net in your child’s room. Without taking up much space, a stuffed animal net is like a hammock in which you can keep all your kid’s stuffed animals. You can buy this anywhere toys are sold, but to save you money, it is best to make your own stuffed animal net. Not only is it an enjoyable bonding activity, it is also a fun way of teaching your kid to organize his toys. Here’s how to make a stuffed animal net.

  1. Prepare your materials. Aside from the net, which you will either buy or make, you need to prepare eye hooks with which you will hang the stuffed animal net. If you are going to make your own net, you need to have a spool of yarn or cord.
  2. Buy a net. If you don’t have the time and patience to create your own net, you can purchase a ready-made net at any hardware store. Make sure to buy a net in a size that can accommodate all your kid’s stuffed animals. The holes should also be small enough so that no toy can slip through. If your kid has lots of stuffed animals, consider buying a net made of a sturdy material, the one that can carry the load well. What you want to avoid is a net that is likely to break after a few weeks.
  3. Make a net. Creating a net by yourself is time-consuming. It also requires knowledge of the different net styles, which naturally require different knots. The most common knots used are lark head knot, square knot, and fisherman’s bend knot. Therefore, before embarking on a net-making project, take time to learn the different styles and knots by watching video tutorials. Success in net-making lies not in the ability to knot fast, but in how you securely tie the yarn together. Net-making is a little hard at first, but if you learn with your child, you can turn this experience into an opportunity to bond.
  4. Hang the net. First you need to find the best corner for the net. It can be a little high above the child’s study table or hung at a height one foot taller than him. What’s important is that the child can easily reach the net, without the need to step on a chair or a box, to avoid accidents. After determining where to put the stuffed animal net, attach hooks on the wall and hang the net. Then, start loading the stuffed animals into it.

Instead of making one large stuffed animal net, you can make several small nets, which you can hang at different areas in the room. This way, you can avoid overloading a net. Smaller stuffed animal nets also look a lot cuter than one big net.


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