How To Make a Stylish Burp Cloth

Every mother uses a burp cloth for the baby. A burp cloth is part of the baby’s layette that is used to protect a person’s clothes from the baby’s spittle. When a baby is burped, it’s inevitable that sometimes, a bit of milk or baby spit may come out. Now just because this piece of fabric will be used baby spit doesn’t mean it has to be drab or ordinary. You can make a stylish burp cloth so you can feed and burp your baby in style.

Here are some ideas for you to try.

  • Personalize it. A great way to make a burp cloth stylish is to embroider it. If you’re handy with the needle, why not cross-stitch some cute designs on the fabric? Teddy bears, birds, ribbons, a rattle or even you baby’s name are just some of the few things you can sew on the cloth. Get a regular diaper cloth and sew on the end of the fabric. If you have a programmable sewing machine, you can also embroider your baby’s name on one end of the fabric. Use a fun colored thread such as gold, navy blue or a bright red!
  • Use a strip of ribbon. An easy way to add instant oomph to your burp cloth without spending a lot of many is to sew on a strip of satin ribbon directly on the fabric. This simple accent will instantly change your drab looking burp cloth into something pretty and dainty.
  • Get a fancy piece of fabric. Who says you have to stick with diaper cloths to use as a burp cloth? Why not go all the way and find an interesting patterned fabric? Find a nice checked fabric. Use plaid or an animal print like leopard, zebra or a tiger print. Find a fabric in black and white piece of cloth. It will be visually stimulating for your baby. You can also use a piece of cotton fabric that has hearts and rainbows on it. Another option is to use dark rich fabric colors, such as navy blue, emerald green, ruby red or even black velvet. If you’re at the fabric store and find a fabric in knock off designer prints, go ahead and use those! Fabric is machine-washable, so don’t worry about staining it.
  • Avoid using too many embellishments. If you want to make a fancy burp cloth, be sure not to use things and accent pieces that the baby can accidentally swallow, such as seed pearls, beads, gems, buttons and sequins. You want a fancy burp cloth and not something that can be hazardous to your child’s health.

To make a stylish burp cloth doesn’t mean you have to sew. It means you have to find fun and creative fabrics and add your personal touch to it. When you bring out the burp cloth in fabric, you’ll find that other moms will exclaim at how cute the cloth is. It’s a great way to express your fashion sense and make something ordinary into something fashionable and stylish.


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