How To Make a Tea to Help a Baby Sleep

Babies suffering from colic have a hard time sleeping. Yes, this is a quite common problem that leaves both parents and physicians baffled. There really is no cure and it can really be hard to identify colic in babies. The constant irritability, wailing, and the difficulty of getting your baby to sleep can make you stressed and irritable as well, not to mention sleepless too. Physicians will recommend various solutions such as medication, change of environment, or even the elevation of the crib in order to let your baby sleep soundly. Some of these may work while some may not.

If none of the recommended solutions work, then you can do one last remedy that your physician may have neglected to mention, the use of herbs. Many mothers all around the world claim that tea, prepared with specific herbal ingredients, has solved their baby’s sleep problems. To create an effective sleep-inducing tea for your baby, follow these steps.

  • The boil. Regardless of what kind of tea you are making, everything starts with the boiling of water. In this case, you will want to boil a cup full of water. You can do this on the stove burner or you can do a quick 2 minute boil by way of a microwave oven. In any case, remove the water as it reaches its boiling point to make it ready for steeping.
  • The steep. The main ingredient, and really the only ingredient, for your tea is chamomile. It is known to be a very effective sleeping and relaxation agent. Normally, it is used to calm and cool down adults and encourage them into entering a more relaxed state, releasing pent up stress in the process. The same effect will be seen in babies suffering from colic or any other stress and anxiety building condition. Chamomile tea can be found in ready to use bags or it can be bought as dried up flowers. It is recommended to use the flowers but tea bags will suffice. In any case, insert the tea bag or drop the flowers into the hot water and allow it to steep for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • The strain. If you used tea bags, you can just pull this out after the steep. If you used flowers, you will have to strain the flowers out from the water.
  • Prepare the formula. Obviously, this cup of tea that you just made will be too strong for any baby. This is why you will have to dilute it. That said in a bottle, pour about half a cup of water and half a cup of the chamomile tea. Shake the bottle a bit so the tea saturates within the water. Allow the bottle to cool before having your baby suck it down. At this point, the taste of the tea will be diluted making it taste like plain water with a very slight flavor.

If the other mothers who recommended this remedy were right, your baby, after finishing the bottle, will sleep soundly within 30 minutes to an hour, thus allowing you to get the much deserved sleep as well.


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