How To Make a Teardrop Bouquet

A teardrop bouquet is one of the most recognizable styles of bouquet used during a wedding. The bouquet is a special arrangement of flowers that have been made in such a way that is easily held by the bride. Throughout the years, the tradition of throwing the bouquet to the awaiting single women in attendance has gained much popularity and appreciation in society so the flower arrangement has to be smashing.

Unfortunately, your wallet would also take a smashing once you tally up all the costs of having professionally arranged flowers. If you want to save money and make your bouquet extra personalized, try making it yourself. Flowers in markets are easily more affordable that the ones that you would see displayed in the florist shop.

Here’s how you make your own teardrop bouquet:

  1. Be on the lookout for flowers that would be easily made into a bouquet. This would mean getting blooms with long flexible stems that could be easily manipulated. Go to the marketplace and look for the best deals. Pick the freshest blooms (around 30 should do for an average sized tear drop bouquet) a day before the wedding to ensure that it doesn’t wilt. Orchids or roses would be a great choice for this project.
  2. Use wire to make the stems more flexible and easy to manipulate. If the flowers have short stems, simply skewer the bottom part of the bloom with a piece of wire.
  3. The teardrop bouquet is a curvaceous triangle. Starting from the most pointed end of the tear drop, bunch up three flowers. This would serve as the base of the entire arrangement. Tie them together at the stem with green floral tape until it forms a triangular shape. Adjust the flowers accordingly.
  4. Just keep on adding and adding flowers until you’re happy with the result. You may use more than one type of bloom for the bouquet. Combining roses and orchids seems to be a very popular choice for a lot of brides.
  5. You would be left with a bouquet with a lot of floral taped stems for a base. To make this more regal and elegant, wrap it with white ribbon or even lace. This would tie the bouquet to the event and even the bridal grown. Once you do those, all the rag tag and unglamourous bunching underneath would be easily offset by the delicate fabrics and sheen of the lace.

After the wedding, you may press or preserve the flowers so you could add them to a scrap book. If you could have a special and personal touch to your wedding, you should definitely take it. Not only does it make the tab cheaper, it  also involves the couple more into the preparation and traditions.


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