How To Make a Toast at a Stag Party

A stag party is the party held in honor of a bachelor before he enters into wedded bliss. It is more commonly called a bachelor party. This type of party is the bachelor’s final chance to spend time with his male buddies as a single guy. Stag parties are rites of passage for a man before entering a more “mature and responsible marital life”.

The activities lined up for a stag party may or may not get the bride’s stamp of approval. It can take the form of a drinking party with exotic dancers, a weekend get together out in the woods or running off to Vegas for a boys’ night out. One thing common in all stag parties is a toast to the married-man-to-be.

Normally, a toast can be given by the best man or a male sibling of the bachelor. Compared to the toast given during the wedding reception, a stag party toast is usually less formal but more personal.

To make a toast at a stag party, remember these guidelines:

  1. Don’t wing it. Even if a stag party is usually an informal event, winging the toast is not advisable. Often times, after the effects of the alcohol have set in, toasts become a rambling mess. Prepare for the toast a few days before the party itself.
  2. Organize what you want to say. Make a list of what you want to say about the bachelor. A toast honors the groom-to-be so make sure you focus on him. Pick one memorable story that you can share with everyone. Honor him, don’t embarrass him.
  3. Write down the toast. It is best to write down the salient points of your toast to keep you on track. Bring a copy of the toast with you. This way, you won’t forget everything you want to say even if you have had one too many drinks.
  4. Keep it light. A stag party is a party after all so keep it light. Add a humorous anecdote. There is a line between good hearted teasing and being outright rude. Make sure you know if what you are going to say is appropriate. The bachelor may not want all his deep dark secrets out in the open. Remember, you are giving a toast and not a roast.
  5. Keep the toast under 5 minutes. The stag party is a time to have fun and enjoy with the guys. Nobody wants to listen to a long speech even if it is in honor of the bachelor. After you give the toast, you can invite other friends to say something to the guest of honor.
  6. Practice your toast. Read your toast aloud a few times to see if it is fluid. And, don’t memorize the toast. It should be sincere, coming straight from the heart.
  7. Give the toast as soon as everyone has arrived. Stag parties normally take a turn for the wild towards the later part of the evening. Giving the speech at the start ensures that you have the attention of everyone, especially the groom-to-be.
  8. Raise a glass. At the end of the toast, raise your glass to the bachelor and party on!

Just because a stag party is known to be a notoriously wild party for the groom-to-be, it doesn’t mean that the toast should be the same way. Toasting the soon-to-be-married man is important because it is a way of honoring him as a friend or brother. Relax and speak from the heart. 


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