How To Make a Washcloth Boo Boo Bunny

Ah, the boo-boo bunny. The cute little furry friend that will tell you that everything is all right and that any boo-boo will soon pass. Got a nick, a minor wound, or just mild scrape? The boo-boo bunny will make it all better. The boo-boo bunny is typically a cloth or towel that has a small gap or hole in the middle where ice can fit right in. If your kid encounters a boo-boo, these little suckers will greatly provide him the comfort he deserves. So, with such importance, everyone should have their very own boo-boo bunny. Here are some steps to make one using an ordinary washcloth.

  • Get a washcloth. If you have an old or decent one, then you can use that. Otherwise, you will have to purchase one from your local bed and bath store. If you are making one for babies, then you may want to consider using washcloths designed for babies. In any case, you will want to use a washcloth that is of a lighter shade. An off white or pastel colored washcloth will do nicely.
  • Start the roll. To create the boo-boo bunny, you will need to start off by spreading the washcloth on a flat surface. Choose any corner to start with and roll that until you come to the center of the washcloth. At this point, hold the rolled up corner in place and roll up the corner opposite to it to meet the rolled up one. Both corners should meet at the center.
  • Proceed with the folds. With both corners rolled, the next step will require you to do 2 folds. The first fold will require you to fold in half the washcloth with the 2 rolled up corners facing opposite directions. That done, you will do another half fold. With the accomplished, whip out a common rubber band and use it to keep the last fold in place. This is supposed to represent the bunny’s face.
  • Make the ears. To make the washcloth look like a real bunny, you have to make the ears loud and proud. That is the reason for the rolled up corners. To create the ears, simply pull it apart. You may need to shape them a little bit such that they appear like bunny ears.
  • Design the face. With the ears and the body formed, it is time to make the face look like a bunny. To do this, you will want to glue a set of googly eyes and stitch a small pompom. The pompom will represent the bunny’s nose. For the mouth and the whiskers, you can either sew this on or mark it with a pen.
  • The final touch. To complete the boo-boo bunny washcloth image, it will need a tail. You can use another pompom for this. Simply stitch it to the rear end of the bunny. Voila! You are done.

You may need to do a few more stitches in some areas of the washcloth to keep the bunny form in place. Don’t worry, these will be minor and you can do it by hand.


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