How To Make a Wedding Bouquet

Having your wedding flowers done by a professional can be convenient, but it comes at a huge cost! Making your own arrangements and bouquets is a popular wedding trend, and one that will save you thousands. Here's a quick guide on how to make a wedding bouquet.

Step 1

Decide what style of bouquet you want. Before you start creating your bouquet, consider what you want it to look like. Get inspired by flowers and bouquets you see in bridal magazines. You may even want to visit a floral shop and sift through the hundreds of pictures they have there.

Step 2

Decide what flowers you want in your bouquet. Along with deciding on the style of your wedding bouquet, you'll also need to choose the flowers to go in the bouquet. Of course, you'll want to choose flowers that go along with your wedding colors and the centerpieces that you have planned. But the availability of flowers will vary a little depending on what season you're getting married in. So inquire with a florist about the availability of the flowers you want for your bouquet before you make your decision. 

Step 3

Buy a bouquet holder. Once you've got all of your wedding bouquet selections made, you can purchase the holder for your wedding bouquet. These are made of plastic (usually white) and can be found at craft stores. They have a handle for you to hold, as well as a cone to keep the flowers in.

Step 4

Make your wedding bouquet. On the day before your wedding, you will need to set aside a few hours to put your wedding bouquet together. (I know, you'll be busy. But you have to make your wedding bouquet when your flowers will be most fresh.) Start by gathering the flowers, ribbons and other accessories you wanted to include in your wedding bouquet. Then get the green foam in the bouquet holder wet by holding it under water for several minutes.

Now you are ready to start placing the flowers in your wedding bouquet holder. First, measure each flower against the bouquet holder for length. Then trim the stem of the flower so that the right amount will be inserted into the foam (about 2 inches), leaving the perfect amount of the flower visible above the foam. Cut each stem at an angle. And if you have to remove a flower you've already placed in your bouquet, you'll have to re-cut the stem again.

When placing your flowers, size really does matter. If you are going for a cascading effect with your wedding bouquet, start by putting shorter flowers on the top of your bouquet, and then gradually add longer flowers and greenery to the lower part of your bouquet. Any type of ivy or fern will add length and substance to your wedding bouquet. (Plus, these are easy to trim, to give your bouquet the perfect shape.) Continue to place flowers in your bouquet holder until it has the desired look you were going for. And double-check to ensure there are no empty areas where you can see the green foam or the bouquet holder.

Step 5

Cover the bouquet handle. Once you have all of the flowers placed in your wedding bouquet, you need to cover the unsightly bouquet holder handle. Use a ribbon that compliments your wedding colors, and cover every visible part of the handle. Tie it in a bow at the front if you like, or pin the ends out of sight at the back of your wedding bouquet. Once the ribbon is in place, your wedding bouquet is complete.


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