How To Make a Wedding Cake Card Holder

The wedding card holder is an element that has become traditional in nature. This is where guests can insert their well-wishing card for the newlyweds. Now, these cardholders come in a variety of designs. There are cages, simple drop boxes, and simple bag designs. You may have seen this in most of the weddings you have attended but, have you seen a card holder in the form of a wedding cake? Well, this may be one for the books; however, once you see it, you may be amazed.

If you feel like this is something that can be used in your very own wedding, then know that the process to make one is simple as apple pie. Don’t believe it? Well then, read on.

  • Get what you need. The process of making a wedding cake card holder is pretty easy provided that you have the right materials and tools required. For starters, you will need 3 boxes, a small one, a slightly bigger one, and another that is bigger. You will be creating a 3 layer card holder cake so you will need 3 boxes with gradually increasing sizes from the top to the bottom. Furthermore, you will need either papier mache or cardboard boxes. Aside from these boxes, you will need fabric, glue, a utility knife, and other design accessories like ribbons, beads, and the like. If you have all of these, you are ready to start.
  • The topmost layer. The process starts with the topmost box. What you will want to do is to create a slit at the top and an even bigger slit at the bottom. The slit should be big enough to accommodate all kinds of cards. The reason for the hole at the bottom is so that every card that is inserted will fall down to the lowest layer which as the most space. Use a utility knife to create the slits or opening.
  • The middle layer. The box for the middle layer needs to be bigger than the one at the top but smaller than the one at the bottom. Like the top layer, you will need to create a slit or opening at the top and bottom of the box. The slits of this box should be just as big as the bottom slit of the topmost box however, make sure that the slit at the top will not be visible when you place the topmost layer. Again, use a utility knife for this.
  • The bottom layer. For the bottom most box, you will want to create a single slit at the top. It should be as big as the slit of the bottom of the middle layer. This will ensure that any card will go straight through. Make sure that the slits in all these boxes are wide enough so that cards will not get stuck in the first and second layers.
  • Assembly. Before going ahead with this, you may want to dress up each box. Wrap each box with fabric to make it more presentable. Make sure to leave the slits open as you wrap the fabric on each box. When that is done, place the boxes atop each other. Make sure that the slits are lined up perfectly from box to box. If they are, secure the layers in place with glue.

Once that is done, the final phase will involve decorating the cake. This is where the ribbons, beads, rhinestones, and the like come into play. Decorate as you see fit.


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