How To Make a Wedding Cake Centerpiece

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If you think your wedding cake can adequately stand out to create a romantic and festive atmosphere in your wedding reception, think again. There is a way to make your wedding cake more attractive and that is by setting up a wedding cake centerpiece.

A wedding cake centerpiece is an artificial floral arrangement that is placed on the table where the wedding cake sits. Its function is to accentuate the wedding cake.

Note the following tips when making a wedding cake centerpiece:

  1. Make an estimate of the size of the wedding cake and the area of the reception room as well as the number of guests attending. This is important because you will need this information in determining the size of the wedding cake centerpiece.
  2. See to it that the color of the centerpiece harmonizes with the color of the decorations of the wedding cake.
  3. Position the centerpiece in such a way that its height does not block the guests’ view of the wedding cake from their respective tables. However make sure too that it does not sit too low as it might not be seen or noticed at all.

Now, here’s how to make the centerpiece:

  1. Pick a container where you can place the centerpiece. Lay a piece of foam at the bottom of the container. Place stones or small rocks on the sides of the foam to make it stay in place. Using glue to stick the foam to the base of the container may not work because the glue might dissolve in water.
  2. Pour just enough water to soak the foam without drowning the material. Let it stand for a few minutes until the foam has absorbed all the water.
  3. Prepare the wire stems. Each flower should be supported by a wire stem so if you have 30 flower stems in all, you should also cut 30 wire stems. Moreover, the height of the flowers must correspond with the length of the wire stems.
  4. Cut the wire stems with the use of a wire cutter. The tallest flower stem in the wedding cake centerpiece should not be taller than six inches. Cut the wire stems according to the corresponding height of the flowers.
  5. Wrap each flower stem with wire and position them now in the container. Push the tallest flower in the middle of the foam. Next, place three or four flowers on each side, making sure they are of graduated lengths. The idea is to arrange the flowers in a descending manner from the tallest in the middle followed by the slightly shorter stems surrounding the middle, and so on until the sides are filled with the shortest stems.
  6. Insert baby’s breath or ribbons in between the flowers. Examine the arrangement from all sides and angles to make sure the flowers are evenly distributed.
  7. Place the container in a dainty bowl and set it down on the side of the wedding cake.

Aside from the wedding cake centerpiece, you can further accentuate the wedding cake table with small cupcakes lined along the base of the cake. You can spread flower petals on the sides of the table to create a more romantic look.


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