How To Make a Wedding Candy Favor Buffet Table

Little stuffed toys, a CD with the couple’s favorite romantic music, a nice glass sculpture of 2 doves intertwined, these are just some of the wedding favors or tokens that most couples give out to their guests for attending their wedding. These have all been done to death.

That said if you are looking for something unique, something that your guests will enjoy and remember your wedding for, you may want to mix it up with a candy buffet table where guests can fill up plastic bags full of candy to enjoy as they make their way back home. It is a simple and relatively cheaper alternative to the more common wedding favors. Here is a guide on how to make this option come to life.

  • Invest in glass vases. For starters, you will need containers for the many different candies you will be giving out. These vases can be purchased at any home and crafts supply store. You can probably find classy but cheap ones there so it shouldn’t cost you much. However, make sure that the mouths of the vases you will be getting are wide enough to fit a hand through. The number of vases to purchase will depend on the number of different candy you will be doling out.
  • Buy lots of candy. You really don’t want to skimp on this part since candy, lots of it, is relatively cheap. However, you will want to be particular on the color of the candy you buy. You will want the colors to match the color scheme of your wedding. For instance, if the wedding colors are white and red, then concentrate on getting candy sporting these colors alone. Get as many variations and flavors you can find to create diversity.
  • Get some scoops. Many guests may not appreciate other guests grabbing the candy from the containers by hand. Remember, hands are full of all kinds of germs. That said you would want to limit hand contact here. To do this, you might want to invest in either plastic or metal scoops. You should have at least one scooper per container provided that the candy in that container is not wrapped. If it is, then you really won’t need a scooper for that particular container.
  • Plastic bags at the ready. Each guest should be given a plastic bag, which they can fill with candy. This should be located at the starting end of the buffet table. Each guest gets one and they go through each container scooping candy from the container into the plastic bags. Simple plastic bags will do. If you like, you can even use classy Ziploc bags instead. Make sure that each bag has a small thank you card attached to it.
  • Prepare the buffet. Designate a buffet table for this. Use white tablecloth to make the table more appealing. Line up the vases of candy just right. The plastic bags should sit on a plate at the start of the table. Scoops should be inside each container. You may want to add decorations to the table and this is up to you. Ribbons and laces will do provided that you do not forget to label the buffet table as a candy favor buffet. Each guest should pass it on the way out so make sure to set this up near the exit of your reception venue.

During the course of your reception, make sure to have the host announce to your guests that they can get their wedding favors by lining up at this buffet table.


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