How To Make a Wedding Card Wishing Well

A personalized gift you can present to two people close to your heart who are about to tie the knot is a wedding card wishing well. You can be able to express your thoughts of well wishes and happiness through beautiful wordings, and include it on your wedding gift as you wish them heartfelt congratulations on the first day of the rest of their lives. Wedding wishing well cards can be easily purchased but creating one yourself to give away is a very sweet gesture that will show the couple how much you value their friendship and how happy you truly are for them. Here are steps to making your personalized card.

  • Organize your materials. For this project you will need card stock in off-white, cream, or ivory colors, decorative paper with wedding designs, a pair of scissors, a marker or a calligraphy pen, double-sided tape, an A7 envelope to place your card in, and a picture or image of a wishing well.
  • Work on your card stock and decorative paper. Begin your project by cutting out your card stock measuring 10x7”. Proceed to fold your card in half to create a crease. This piece will serve as the card base that will now be measuring 5x7”. Get a sheet of your decorative paper cutting it out so that it measures 4 1/2x5”. You will be attaching this onto the front portion of base card. To do this, cut 4 strips of your double-sided tape and affix it to the back of your decorative sheet before setting down at the center of the card stock’s base. Press down firmly so it is securely fastened to your card. Now you will need to cut another piece of your card stock, this time measuring 3 1/2x4 ½” in size. Proceed to place your strips of double-sided tape at the back of this card and press it firmly to attach to the center of your decorative paper. This will now be framed by your decorative paper acting as a border around your card.
  • Cut out your wishing well image. Trim the edges of your image to allow it to fit perfectly into the center of your card. Attach it with your double-sided tape at the front to be the focal point of your card.
  • Print out your special greetings. Use your marker or calligraphy pen to write on your card. Choose special poems appropriate for the bride and the groom that you would want to express. This message would send all your good wishes and sincerest congratulations to the newly-weds. Place your card inside you envelope and include it on your wedding gift.

The most important part of your card are the special words you will use in expressing your wishes for the couple. Words coming straight from the heart are the best way to make them feel that you share in their joy and that you wish them all the happiness in the world as they begin a new chapter of their lives together.


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