How To Make a Wedding Dress Unique

As a bride you naturally want to look your best on your wedding day. Aside from the make-up, hairstyle and other beauty details you require being a bride, the wedding dress is the one that you most meticulously plan during pre-wedding preparations.

If you want your wedding dress to stand out from the rest, make it special and unique. Here are tips on how to make this possible:

  1. Add a little color to your dress. Although white is the norm color for wedding dresses, you can opt for other shades such as ecru, cream and off white hues. What’s more, you can highlight a pure white wedding dress along the hemline with some colored accents such as tiny flower designs in gold, rose or red.
  2. Choose an entirely different color for your wedding dress. Red? Fuschia? Lilac? Gold? Think of colors. A colored wedding dress can lend a different tone to the whole wedding because colors are symbolic. The reason why white is the standard wedding dress color is because it signifies purity and submissiveness. But then again, many people believe that red signifies strength and might – attributes that bespeak a modern bride.
  3. Deviate from the customary long wedding dress and wear one with shorter length instead. A shorter wedding dress is ideal for beach and open-air weddings because it is easier to carry around as you entertain guests from table to table in an outdoor setting.
  4. Wear colored shoes along with your pure white dress. Colored shoes are perfect with shorter wedding dresses. Make sure the shoes make a stark contrast with the eternal-white color of your dress to give you an extraordinary overall appearance. Red, black, blue, green, yellow or orange shoes will surely make you a stand out bride that people will keep buzzing about even long after the wedding is over.
  5. Ask your designer to put a Mexican touch on your dress. Mexican wedding dresses are known to be meticulously crafted with intricate embroideries and carefully laid details all over. To complete the Mexican look, a delicate transparent veil should be worn over your head. The veil then cascades and drapes down to cover your face for dramatic effect. 
  6. Go for the ethnic look. An Asian wedding gown, particularly with a Chinese accent, is truly exotic and a fashion statement in itself. On the other hand, an Indian wedding gown is rich, laboriously made and gives an aura of mystery to the bride that wears it.
  7. Think of a theme for your wedding dress. A period wedding dress is also gorgeous. A Victorian wedding dress design replete with accessories such as the famous 17th century parasol is perfect for garden weddings. On the other hand, you can also pattern your wedding dress after the outfits worn by women during the Renaissance and Medieval periods in history. Other theme designs for you to consider are fairy tale and vintage wedding dresses.

There are many ways by which you can make your wedding dress unique and exceptional. The ideas have no bounds. However be reminded not to overdo the design of your wedding dress lest your guests might think they are attending a circus instead of a wedding.
Best wishes to you and congratulations to your lucky groom! 


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