How To Make a Wedding Gift Box

A fun project you can do on your own is making a wedding gift box for your guests to take home as a remembrance of your special day. As in every preparation that goes into a wedding, expenses can run high, and doing your own wedding favors is a great way to save some good cash. You can come up with your own design and make your box any shape you want to, making it as personalized as you can. Whether with cardboard or paper, your wedding gift boxes can be a work of love to give away to those who shared in your wedding day. Here’s how to do it.

  • Get your materials ready. You will need a small white folding gift box (square), 6 feet of tulle in white, 1/8” ivory ribbon of about 8 inches, 2 packs of wedding stickers (with corners and borders), white card stock to use for your gift tag and big enough for your sticker to fit into, a hole punch of 1/8 of an inch, and a pair of scissors.
  • Assemble your gift box. Begin to put your white box together. Fill it in with tissue paper before placing in your special token.
  • Attach your wedding stickers. Begin to attach your corner wedding stickers on each corner at the top of the box. Start to create a design with your stickers at the frontal area of your gift box. Leave some spaces around the box to place in borders on top and at the bottom of the box. Once done, proceed to place in your borders above and below your box. You may have to trim them up a little to make them fit in perfectly.
  • Add your tulle. You will now begin to work on your white tulle. Begin by enfolding it around your box, beginning at the top area going in one direction. Create a twist with your tulle before wrapping the tulle around the box again going in the opposite direction. End the wrapping procedure at the top of your box. Proceed to create a bow of your tulle.
  • Finish up with your gift tag. Get your white cardstock and attach your sticker onto it. If it is to large, trim of the excess. With your puncher, create a hole on your tag. Insert a tiny ribbon into the hole and tie it around your bow. You now have your wedding gift box ready to be given away.

There are so many creative ways you may decorate your gift box. They can have beads and other embellishments added on to them. Another way you can make use of stickers is by creating a collage of different beautifully designed stickers decorating your box. Since you will be making quite a number of them for your guests, you may want to ask some friends to help you out. These gift boxes are very simple to make but the finished product is something quite unique because you did it on your own, according to your particular taste. It is a labor of love that your family and friends will surely appreciate.


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