How To Make a Wedding Gift List

Weddings are among the happiest occasions in a person’s life. As such, a couple-to-be would probably want to invite everyone dear to their hearts to witness the exchange of vows. Thereafter, the couple and guests would celebrate their first ever meal as a married couple at the reception. And it is here where guests are usually expected to bring gifts.

Some couples let invited guests freely bring gifts as they wish. However, there are several problems with this. First, guests’ gifts might duplicate. Imagine getting the two very same set of linens, plates or cutlery sets. While it’s useful, for a young couple starting out in life, you’d like to be able to complete your home essentials. Sometimes, guests might gift you with items that may not fit your existing household furniture or things. For example, some might gift you with king-sized linen sets, but your new bed is queen-sized.

As a matter of preference a lot of couples-to-be prefer to sign up with a bridal registry at one or two stores, to list their gift preferences. This has several advantage, both for you and for your guests. You can choose which items you need for your new home. Your guests, meanwhile, will not have a hard time choosing the gifts they will be giving to you.

Here are a few things you should remember when registering for a wedding gift list.

Register. The first thing to do is visit the store you wish to register with. Most department stores have special areas for bridal registries, which would include household appliances and products. Be sure to indicate your names, and the date of your wedding.

Choose your items. You have a free rein as to which items you will be choosing. Most newly wedded couples will be starting their new lives and new homes, and so the best choices here would be things that you will be needing for your home. And since the gift is intended for you as a couple, it’s best for the items to benefit both bride and groom. Most practical couples would want linens, table settings, cooking ware and cutlery. If you’re moving into a new home, then you can perhaps even include furniture.

While you are picking items, a store clerk will assist you, and she will list down the items that you have included in your registry. After you finish choosing, she will then compile this list, and give you a print out of the items you have chosen. This sometimes includes the corresponding prices, along with a total.

Don’t limit yourself to one store. Not all of your guests can visit just one store. It’s therefore a good idea to choose a shop that has several branches, so guests can visit the one nearest to them. If you have a wide array of items in your gift list, you can even sign up with more than one gift registry. For instance, one shop might specialize in linens. Another might specialize in furniture. Just be sure that you don’t overlap in the items you choose.

Registry cards.
The store will then give you registry cards. These are to be attached to your wedding invitation. Guests who will be buying gifts should present this card to the cashier or sales clerk, so that the item can be checked off in their database as “bought.” This way, other guests who might plan on buying the same item on the list will have to buy other items.

With bridal registries, you can also return items that you might rather exchange for other products. For instance, if someone buys an item from another store, and you get a duplicate item, you can have this exchanged for another one of similar value, or for store credits (as these stores will not usually give cash in exchange).

Choosing items in your wish list is just one of the activities that a future bride and groom should take care of. This can be a fun activity, as you are essentially planning out how your household would look, with the gifts you will expect. While it takes the surprise out of receiving gifts, it’s a practical way to make sure your guests don’t have a hard time choosing a gift, and that you don’t get things that you might not necessarily need.


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