How To Make a Wedding Reception Gift Card Box

A wedding reception gift box is where guests are encouraged to drop their enveloped gifts, presumably cash or checks. Since couples will want these cash gifts secure from prying eyes and hands, you will want the gift card box to emulate a piggy bank of some type (without the piggy). One way to do this is to make the gift card box a cake - a three-layered cake to be exact. Here are some steps to make it.

  • Start with the boxes. To create your three layered wedding cake reception gift card box, you will need three boxes, 1 small one for the top, a slightly larger one for the middle, and a big one to serve as the base. The boxes can be round or square. It is up to your preference. However, the boxes should be made from cardboard or at the very least, papier mache. You can get these from any local arts and crafts supply store. They shouldn’t be that expensive.
  • Make the cuts. Starting with the box for the top, you will want to make two slits or holes. One at the top and larger one at the bottom. The top slit will be the gap for guests to slide and insert their gift cards in, the bottom slit will allow the cards to fall into the next box and down to the bottom. The slit at the top should be big enough to fit an average-sized envelope or card.
    Once the first box has been cut, proceed with the box in the middle. The slit at the top should be slightly bigger than the bottom slit of the top box. At the bottom of the middle box, make another slit bigger than the slit you made at the top of the same box.
    Finally, the final cut will be done on the bottom box. You will only need to make a slit at the top since the bottom will be the base where all the cards will fall once inserted through the top box. Hence, the slit on this box should be the biggest.
    When making the slits, make sure that they are not visible when you stack each box on top of the other. Only the top box should have the slit visible.
  • Assemble the cake. Place the boxes on top of each other and line up the slits so that all the envelopes inserted will fall straight through to the base. Glue the boxes in place.
  • Start the decorating. Once all the layers are in place, the next and final step will be decorating. First off, you can wrap the entire cake with fabric to make it look more appealing. It might be better to do this before assembly but that is entirely up to you. When that is done, the final touch will be the ribbon draped from the top down to the bottom at four sides of the cake. It will look like a gift cake and should signify its function.

There you have it: a nice wedding reception gift box that looks like a beautiful three-layered cake. Now you can rest assured that any monetary gifts that are inserted into it will be secure.


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