How To Make a Wedding Rehearsal Bouquet

Although a wedding rehearsal is not the real thing yet, it is important that details such as the wedding rehearsal bouquet should be taken care of. Now, imagine a bride rehearsing her bridal march in the aisle empty handed. Certainly she will feel silly and awkward as she does not know whether to swing her arms or clasp her hands as she glides along the pews. Moreover, she may not know what to do with her bouquet during the wedding itself if she does not practice how to hold a bouquet during the rehearsal.

Obviously, the wedding rehearsal bouquet is not the actual bridal bouquet. It is typically made of ribbons, bows, tassels and dainty wrapping ornaments taken from the shower party for the bride. If you are the maid of honor, you are usually tasked to assemble all the said trimmings to form a rehearsal bouquet.

Here is the procedure in making a wedding rehearsal bouquet:

  1. Ask the bridesmaids to assist you in collecting the ribbons and gift ornaments from the gift boxes which the bride received from the bridal shower. Sort out the items according to color, sizes and designs.
  2. Prepare these materials: ribbons, bows, tassels, pencil, cardboard, scissors and pencil. If you want to add real or fake flowers you may do so as long as they are available.
  3. With the use of a pencil sketch a circle on the cardboard. Next, cut along the outline of the circle. Or, to make it easier, you may use a paper plate as long as it is thick and sturdy. Then make a hole in the center by cutting an X with about an inch length or bigger, depending on the amount of ribbons you will poke through the hole.
  4. Work on the ribbons by folding each one in two. Tie a knot on the midsection of each piece of ribbon. Insert the ribbons through the X-hole until the tied knots in the middle of the ribbons reach the cardboard’s surface. You can imagine now that half of the ribbons are on the front side of the circle while the other half dangle on the other side. Next, collect the ends of the ribbon and tie them together tightly with another ribbon. This now becomes the handle of the bouquet. After making the handle, pay attention to the loose ribbons on the other end of the cardboard. Trim the ends of the ribbons to make them straight and even.
  5. Insert flowers (fresh or fake) in between the ribbons if there are available blooms. In this case the X-hole should be large enough to accommodate more insertions. Make sure that the stems of the flowers go through the other side of the round cardboard. Trim the stems and bind them together by wrapping a firm ribbon around the handle. 

As maid of honor you should regard your duty to the bride prior and during the wedding ceremonies. Hence you should make sure that there is a wedding rehearsal bouquet so the bride will get used to holding it in preparation to the actual wedding. 


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