How To Make a Woman Feel Sexy

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Women are naturally sexy. Sometimes they don’t need anyone or anything to feel exactly that. The problem with them, however, is that they easily get insecure. Insecure women are generally not happy women. If your woman is like that, you might notice that each time her confident shrinks, your relationship is shaking at about the same pace. Your role, therefore, is to make sure that your woman is always feeling sexy, because if she feels good inwardly and outwardly, she is happy and becomes an even better partner.

  1. Comment on her. Each day, tell your woman what you love about her. And tell it in full detail. It could be how she moves her hips, or how she pouts her lips when she speaks, or how she flips her hair. It could also be how she wears a dress or a pair of jeans. Whatever it is that makes you head over heels in love, warmly tell her. Women enjoy being adored. And if it comes especially from you, adoration is like a drug to her.
  2. Touch her often. Never pass a day without doing little physical acts. Pat her back, rub her cheeks, touch her head, hold her hands, or kiss her. When she feels you are physically yearning for her, your woman will feel sexy and draw herself closer to you.
  3. Look at her in the eyes. Your woman can’t resist your gaze, especially if you are communicating how much you desire her. And if you look with desire, she is most likely going to feel sexy and look back with more desire.
  4. Whisper sweet nothings in her ears. There is something about the act of whispering that ignites a woman’s sexiness. It is probably because your face is close to hers, close enough to kiss her. Or it is probably because of the words and how they are spoken almost seductively. But whatever the reason is, make sure to whisper all the words she likes to hear.
  5. Buy her sexy clothes. If you want your woman to feel sexy, then make her appear sexy. Other than lingerie, buy her clothes that accentuate her curves and highlight her assets. Then make an agreement that she wears those items only when you are together. This will make an impression that you always want her to be sexy exclusively for you.
  6. Tell her straight she is sexy. Nothing can better make your woman feel sexy than telling her how sexy she is. She sure likes your little acts of affection, but it is your words she will appreciate even better. She wants to hear it from you, so give her that. But talk not only about her physical sexiness; it is better if you also talk of her quirks, her uniqueness, her sweetness, and everything else that makes her sexy in your eyes.

Always remind your woman of her sexiness. When she finds other girls sexier than her, tell her it is her sexiness that you are attracted to. That can do wonders to her mood and confidence. And that can improve your intimacy, too.


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