How To Make Baby Formula with Karo Syrup

For moms who cannot or do not want to breastfeed, you may want to try making your very own baby formula to supply the needs of your child. There are several ways to make baby formula. Karo syrup combined with evaporated milk is an age-old one used even way past your grandmother’s time. It’s also great for relieving baby’s constipation.

While there are allegations from modern-day pediatricians that this traditional baby formula is not entirely safe to be taken by babies, there are still experienced moms, grand-moms and experts that recommend this formula made by your ancestors. Here’s how to make baby formula with Karo syrup.

  • Prepare the ingredients and materials. For this baby formula, you will need your baby’s sterilized milk bottles, purified water, evaporated milk, light Karo syrup, a large measuring cup and a paper towel.
  • Although it has been said by the makers of the market-topping Karo brand themselves that either light or dark Karo syrup may be used for similar purposes since both have similar sweetening functions in recipes, in this case, light Karo syrup (which is most often referred to by most as white corn syrup) should be used, and not dark. A combination of corn syrup and high-fructose corn syrup, added with salt and vanilla, light Karo syrup has a fairly sweet taste. On the other hand, dark Karo syrup (which is medium brown in color, and thus classified as “dark” corn syrup) is composed of molasses (of sugar cane origin) salt, caramel color and flavor, and preservative. Thus it is stronger in flavor and not reasonably recommended for babies.
  • Bring purified water to a boil. This homemade baby formula will need only 18 ounces of purified water but boiling will cause some of the water to evaporate, so pour 20 ounces of water in a thoroughly washed and cleaned pot (meticulously rinsed free of dishwashing soap) and bring to a boil for 5 to 8 minutes. Remove water from fire and pour 18 ounces of boiled water into a measuring cup, for accuracy.
  • Let water cool down. Cover the measuring cup with anything that could completely seal its top. A paper towel is just right to allow the water to cool down to room temperature. Set aside in a safe place.
  • Make the baby formula. In a small bowl, pour the boiled purified water, 13 ounces of evaporated milk and 2 tablespoons of light Karo syrup. Mix all ingredients very well until evenly distributed. Once completely blended, pour out the baby formula into sterilized bottles or jars and store in a cooler or a refrigerator. Let baby take it when needed.
  • For your baby’s safety, strictly follow storage instructions and other precautions before feeding baby formula with Karo syrup. If not consumed within 36 hours upon making, any homemade infant formula should be properly disposed of, duly removed from the fridge and safely flushed down the drain, to avoid poisoning.
  • This formula should never be administered to lactose-intolerant babies and to infants younger than 1 year old, since there are claims of rare cases of infant botulism in babies less than 12 months of age.
  • Since not all babies are the same, and although the previous babies who did take Karo syrup may have had a positive bodily response, your child may respond differently. Therefore, it is still best to consult your doctor first, to be on the safe side.

In any case, breastfeeding is still best (in terms of nutritional content and value) and safest (your breasts provide a naturally sterilized milk storage) for your precious baby. Have a happy and healthy baby!


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