How To Make Baby Shower Centerpieces

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In a baby shower, more than the fun and festivities lie at the art of effectively decorating the venue. Since it is really centered on the mother and the baby, most likely you will be using a single area in the venue in the entirety of the party. A good baby shower centerpiece serves to set the mood and produce a lovely visual that the guests and expecting mother will remember as part of their happy memories. Follow these steps so that you can create your own baby shower centerpieces:

  1. Dimensions. You need to first check the table size and shape before you decide. The color of the table must also support your centerpiece. The size of your centerpiece must be prominent enough but not to the point that it will not have room for other things on the table during the party. So make sure you have a measuring tape to check how much allowance you can give in length and width before constructing your centerpiece.
  2. Fruit centerpiece. A lovely pot with fruits on a stick artistically arranged is one good baby shower centerpiece idea. Just make sure that it really looks edible so that the guests will also be able to eat from it during the entire party. It is important that you just use fresh fruits to avoid stomach upsets.
  3. Cakes. Cakes with designs of diapers and baby pins are popular options for baby shower centerpieces. You can pull this off effectively if there is a larger table and venue for the baby shower. Cakes can be either a large layered cake or a stack of mini-cakes that the guests can take one by one during the party.
  4. Balloons. Balloons are simple in themselves for a centerpiece, but they can be designed creatively. Balloons can have the name of the baby girl and other details that personalize the whole event.
  5. Chocolate fountain. Chocolate fountains are quite expensive but are really yummy centerpieces that will really have chocoholic guests lodged to the tables until the end of the party.
  6. Game props. Game props can also be disguised in the centerpieces. An aquarium fish bowl that has rolled color papers may actually be instructions for a baby shower game that you think of. You can hide the props first by placing in pots and other decorative lids on top of them before the games begin.
  7. Customized. Scrapbooks, wreaths with the baby's name and other personalized options are good ways to help you customize the whole centerpiece. You can simulate a baby clothesline and spell out the name of baby in distinct letters.
  8. Souvenir double. The centerpiece can also double as a souvenir container for the guests especially if you have a lot of guests and tables to cater to. A stack of souvenirs arranged in a round pyramid fashion and other attractive presentation modes can be very effective as centerpiece and saves you the hassle of having to distribute souvenirs at the end of the party.


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