How To Make Bridesmaid Bouquets

A wedding is a special occasion not only for the bride and groom but also for their friends who have gathered for the ceremony. One of the best ways to say thank you for your friends’ support is through a memento that they can keep, such as a bridesmaid bouquet. Today, silk flowers are growing in popularity when it comes to weddings. Silk flowers are very inexpensive and will last a very long time if cared for. You can use these to make the bridesmaid bouquets, or go with traditional flowers.

  1. Clean the flowers. If you are using traditional flowers, you will need to clean the flowers first by removing excess leaves and small branches. If you are using roses, take a small blade and use it to remove the thorns from the roses. Use long stemmed flowers for the bouquet so that it will be easier for the bridesmaids to hold it. Longer stems are also easier to tie.
  2. Arrangement. When arranging the flowers, take the centerpiece and use it as the measuring point for the rest of the flowers that you will arrange. The second flower should be positioned slightly lower than the first flower. The third should also be a tiny bit lower than the second flower, and so on. This will create various levels in the bouquet.
  3. Add accents and fillers. While arranging the flowers, make sure that you add some accents to the flowers. These can be small fern leaves, heather, lace, baby’s breath, or fabrics. These will keep your bouquet from looking dull and too saturated with flowers. You can also add ribbons into the bouquet itself to add more color to the arrangement, especially if you are going for a simple white bouquet or flowers that have mild pastel colors.
  4. Add the covers and wraps. Once the flower arrangement has been finished, the next step is to add wraps and covers. Visit a flower shop and choose a wrap. These wraps can be made out of plastic, or of lace. One of the most popular wraps are made from natural fibers and hemp that has been dried together to form a spidery net of fibers. These usually come in a variety of colors to accent your blooms.
  5. Ties and ribbons. Next, secure the stems through the use of floral tape or wires. If you are creating larger bouquets, it is best to secure the flowers even before adding the wraps. Keep in mind, however, that bridesmaids’ bouquets should never be larger than the bride’s.  Once the stem is secure, add a piece of ribbon to hide the floral tape or the wires. The ribbon should be at least two inches long. Once this has been added, take shears and trim the stems so that the ends are even. Usually, 7 to 9 inches is a good length for the bouquet.

The flowers can be prepared a day or two before the wedding, or much earlier if you will use silk flowers. With the bouquet in hand, your bridesmaids are sure to glow. With a handful of bridesmaids, any bride will surely stand out.


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