How To Make Budget Wedding Centerpieces

Did you know that some people spend up to a hundred thousand dollars on a wedding? From the price of catering, the venue, and even the transportation costs for friends and relatives that live overseas, the price of a wedding can quickly and easily bloat to great proportions before you even know it. One of the best ways to save and work on a budget on your wedding is through the use of budget wedding centerpieces. Here are the steps.

  1. Focus on the food arrangements. The centerpiece for your wedding reception does not always have to be an expensive ice sculpture or other fancy gimmicks. It can be as simple as the way that you arrange your food. For instance, you can serve finger foods that are placed on little party skewers. These skewers, in turn, can be placed on a fruit such as a pineapple which can quickly act as a little centerpiece in itself.  If you are hiring caterers, you can also ask them to focus on the food presentation such as by using beautiful silverware and warmers that will add an elegant note to your wedding.
  2. Use artwork that you already have. In the olden days, the centerpieces that were used were art works that were favored by the family such as statuettes that are placed in the middle of the table. You can purchase artwork as a gift for yourself on your wedding day and use it as a centerpiece. Best of all, you can keep it afterwards. Or, you can use other pieces such as vases from your visits to foreign countries.
  3. Add simple touches. Small things do make a big difference when it comes to your wedding centerpiece. You can add small touches such as wine glass charms that you can make yourself using earring hoops and beads. Attach these onto the wine glasses to immediately spruce up the table setting.
  4. Use floating candles. Another easy centerpiece that you can add to the wedding table is a large glass bowl filled with floating candles. Floating candles are very inexpensive and quickly add a certain warmth and ambience to the room. You can even use scented candles in order to add a whiff of your favorite fragrance as you take your first meal with your spouse. For larger areas with multiple tables, you can set up a smaller glass bowl in each table and let a few candles float in these.
  5. Add accents. You do not always have to rely on great and grand centerpieces to make your wedding look elegant. Accents can also be used, and which add up to a very beautiful wedding design. For instance, you can purchase little bowls that can be filled with glass bits and a few petals of flowers. Or, you can even purchase small bowls and add a little beta inside. The guests can even take these betas away as a thank you gift from you.

The key to creating budget wedding centerpieces is to coordinate various accents, finishing touches, and small and inexpensive trinkets to create a wedding table that stands out. Through these steps, doing this is easy.


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