How To Make Chair Covers for a Wedding Reception

Room decorated for a wedding reception

Chair covers for wedding receptions add a twist to the design of the venue. These chair seat covers help accentuate the decorations used for the event. Some venues use special chairs but these cost more. For those places that use the regular ones, these chairs need a little tweaking. Make chair covers and transform them into something appropriate for the wedding.
Here are the steps on how to make chair covers for a wedding reception:

  1. Get a chair sample. Borrow one of the chairs to be used. This will be your guide in making the fabric chair covers.
  2. Get the chair measurements. Get the measurements for the height and the width of the chair using a measuring tape. The length of the cover should hide the feet of the chair. Write it down on a piece of paper and bring it with you when you buy the fabric.
  3. Choose the fabric. The fabric for the chair cover will depend on the following: the motif, the theme, and the formality of the wedding. Know the colors of the gowns, the wedding theme if there is any, and how formal the wedding is going to be. These criteria are your basis in choosing the fabric. You should also know how many chairs you need to cover. It should give you an idea of much fabric you need to buy. Make sure you thoroughly research wedding decoration ideas and know your design before sewing chair covers.
  4. Purchase the ribbon. Get the material for the ribbon. This is for the sash to be tied around the back of the chair. Choose something that matches or compliments the actual color of the chair cover. This could help with the decoration of the venue, too.
  5. Make a chair cover pattern. Get a newspaper and place it on a flat surface. Make a pattern of the chair according to the measurements. Add ½ inch for the seam allowance for the length and the width. If you don't want to make your own, you may be able to find chair cover patterns at local craft and fabric stores.
  6. Cut the fabric. Pin the pattern on the fabric and trace it. Then remove the pattern and cut the fabric. Double check if the cut fabric will fit the chair accordingly.
  7. Sew the chair covers. Sew all sides of the fabric with the right side up. The backrest part of the chair cover should be completely sewn, but leave the skirt part open. Just sew the edges of the skirt part of the cover. Iron the cover after to flatten the stitched parts.
  8. Prepare the ribbon. Measure how much you need to make a sash for each chair. Then cut the ribbon and hem the edges for a neat look. Design the ribbon if you want to. Just make sure that the design is appropriate for the wedding.
  9. Cover the chair. Get the sample chair and cloth it with cover. Then tie the ribbon around the backrest.

Now you know how to make chair covers for weddings. This is great way to contribute to the wedding preparations. Let the bride and groom feel your participation by making the chair covers for them. Show everyone your creativity. This could be a start of a business for you, too! 


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