How To Make Cheap Wedding Centerpieces: Candles and Plates

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Wedding preparations can really be hard and expensive. Couples who are on a tight budget try to think of ways to make ends meet in order for their dream wedding to push through. As a good friend, you can help them in a very easy way. Make the table centerpieces for the wedding reception. With the use of simple materials, you can help make their celebration grand.

Here are the steps on how to make cheap wedding centerpieces using candles and plates:

  1. Know the wedding color scheme. Find out the color shades of the wedding motif. The colors of the candles and plates should match or at least accentuate the color motif of the occasion.
  2. Count the tables. Get the number of tables for the wedding reception. This is to give you an idea how many sets of candles and plates you need to buy. Coordinate with the wedding planners so they can give you the right information.
  3. Gather the candles and plates. Collect the candles and plates you need for each table. You can either buy the candles or make them on your own. Either way, get the candles in various sizes. The ratio per set is usually 3 candles (1 big and 2 small ones) per plate.
  4. Get ribbons. Purchase ribbons as an additional design for the candles and plate centerpiece. Get the glittery or silky ones for a more elegant look. The color of the ribbon should also match or accentuate the wedding motif.
  5. Experiment with the set. Play with the arrangement until you come up with the best centerpiece. Take pictures to see the effect. Decide which set will best accentuate the table preparation.
  6. Design the candles. Design the candles for the chosen arrangement. Tie ribbons around each candle and add embellishments if you wish. You can probably put something else on the plate to surround the candles. Little floating flowers in scented oils are good additions to the arrangement.
  7. Arrange the centerpiece. After you have designed the candles, arrange them in place. Put them on top of the plate. Finish all centerpieces for the wedding. Then make an extra special arrangement for the newlyweds table. Make elaborated centerpieces for the sponsors’ tables too.

If you can’t decide what to give the bride and groom, make the centerpieces for them. It may cost you cheap to buy the materials for your gift. But the time and effort you’ll give to make these centerpieces is priceless. The couple will surely appreciate what you are willing to do for them. Show them a sample of your artwork. You might even given them an idea of what to give away as tokens for their special day. These centerpieces could even make the venue more beautiful. Let the couple enter the room with just the candle lights on. Maintain the solemnity of the occasion. Wait until the prayer is said before you turn on the fluorescent lights. Isn’t that a great way to start the party?


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