How To Make Cheap Wedding Centerpieces using Boxes

Innovative centerpiece

Have you noticed those fancy decorations at the centers of the tables during wedding receptions? Those are called centerpieces. These help accentuate the table preparations. These are made from different materials. Some use flowers just like the ones used for the bride’s bouquet. Some use candles, ornaments, and jars. You can make wedding centerpieces without spending too much. A cheap but nice material to use is a gift box. The things you will need won’t cost you much. But you could still end up with a real nice wedding centerpiece.

Here are the steps on how to create wedding centerpieces using boxes:

  1. Count the tables. Know how many tables will need the centerpiece. Double check with the wedding planner so you have an idea how many boxes you need to prepare.
  2. Gather the boxes. Gather all the boxes you need. Make sure that you have enough to cover all tables for the wedding reception. Collect boxes that range in sizes. Get extra boxes just in case the caterers need to add more tables for the guests.
  3. Get decorative wrappers. Get wrapping papers that match the wedding motif or theme if there is any. There are a lot designs to choose from. Choose elegant ones to suit the formality of the occasion.
  4. Get ribbons. The ribbons will be for the finishing touch of the centerpiece. Get wide ribbons that will help accentuate the wrapping paper. Get something glittery or silky for a more elegant look. Try to match the sash for the cover chairs for a more coordinated effect.
  5. Wrap the boxes. Carefully cut the wrapping paper according to the box size. Wrap the boxes and securely tape the ends. Use transparent adhesive tapes to give the gift box a neat look.
  6. Arrange the boxes. Stack the boxes smallest to biggest for a tower effect. Or put two boxes at the base then a small one at the top. Experiment with the arrangement. Then decide which arrangement looks the best for the reception.
  7. Tie the ribbon. Tie the box arrangement with the ribbon. Cut a lengthy size then make a big bow on top of the towering box.
  8. Put the boxes in place. Put each centerpiece on the guest tables. To make it look more attractive, scatter very small gift boxes around the main centerpiece.

Make one centerpiece that is extra special. Elaborate on the box arrangement and make a very big bow for the ribbon. This is what you will put at the center of the bride and groom table. Also, make special centerpieces for the sponsor's tables. Play a big part on the couple’s special day. Make the table centerpieces to show your love for them. People could admire your job well done. They might even hire you to make centerpieces for their own special gatherings. Try to tie-up with wedding planners so you could do the centerpieces for each wedding they cater. This could be a start of a flourishing business.


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