How To Make a Comp Card for Child Modeling

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A comp card or composite card is a tool that models use as their mini portfolio. This is a card that contains the model’s pictures, vital statistics, contact information and other relevant data that is needed. These comp cards are also used by modeling agencies so that their clients can easily choose from their roster of models based on the photos on the comp card.

If your child is an aspiring model or is making a name in the modeling industry, a comp card is a good way to build your child’s portfolio. It is pretty easy to make a comp card for your child. All you have to do is to follow the simple steps provided below:

  1. Poses in the comp card. You can only put a few photos in your child’s comp card. For the comp card to be effective and not cluttered, put about two to five photos. Let your child practice first before having the pictures taken. Some things to consider are your child’s best angles and features and of course, finding a pose that will enhance your child’s beauty. It is also important that the poses show a range of expression so that your child can book more jobs because of the versatility of the photos.
  2. Information to include in the comp card. For the comp card, it is important that you only include the most important details that the agencies and clients are going to look at. Some of the basic information to include are the age, height, weight, color of the eyes, color of the hair and nationality. It is also important to include the contact information of your child.
  3. Where to get comp card printed. When your child is ready to get pictures taken, the next step is to go to a studio where the pictures can be taken. It is a wise decision to invest on the comp card as the quality must impress potential clients. Research on some photo studios in your area where they can take quality photos at a reasonable price. There are some studios that specialize in making comp cards. You can coordinate with them on the size of the comp card and also the format of the comp card that you want printed out.

These are the simple steps on how you can make a comp card for child modeling. For the photos, it will be helpful if you get several shots and just choose the best ones from the pictures that were taken. This way, you can choose the best pictures from the bunch. If your child is working with an agency, they may be the ones who will prepare the comp card for your child.

To get more ideas on some formats of comp cards, you can visit the website Go over the different samples on the website and you may be able to get an idea on how to go about making the comp card for your child.


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