How To Make Crystal Bouquets

Traditional weddings make use of flower bouquets. If you have a traditional wedding but you want it to be unique, what you can do is to make some crystal bouquets. Crystal bouquets are really attractive, although they can really take time to do. Making your own crystal bouquets will definitely be cheaper than ordering them. The process for making crystal bouquets is quite simple.

Here are the steps on how you can make crystal bouquets:

  1. Materials. The materials that you will need for this project are 26 gauge wire in silver or gold, some Swarovski crystals in the colors that you want, scissors and some ribbons. You can purchase these materials from the craft store. The amount of wire that you will need depends on how big your want the bouquets to be.
  2. Plan on your bouquet. The first step is to plan out how you want your crystal bouquet to look like. You can sketch or work with the Swarovski crystals and ribbons so that it can be easier for you to see what it would look like. Work on a flat surface and arrange the crystals, ribbons and wires so that you can see pretty much how your final product will look like.
  3. Prepare your wires. Now, you can cut the wires for your crystal bouquet. If you want the crystal bouquet to be close and tight, you have to cut shorter wires. If you want the crystal bouquet to spread out, you have to cut the wires longer so that they can bend and fan out.
  4. Making the crystal bouquet. When the wires are ready, you can thread the Swarovski crystals on them. It is up to you how many crystals you are going to use for each of the wires. Just twist the wires around so that you can lock the crystals in place. This may be hard at first. You might want to work with wire pliers so that you can bend the wires easily.
  5. Finishing the crystal bouquet. When you are happy with the crystal bouquet, you can start finishing it. Cut the wires at the bottom so that the wires are equal. Afterwards, you can wrap a ribbon around the wires to finish up your crystal bouquet.

These are the simple steps on how you can make your own crystal bouquet. You can also use other materials instead of crystals. You just have to make your imagination run. When you use these crystal bouquets for your wedding, you will surely surprise and impress your guests with this idea. You can even give these bouquets as a keepsake for your bridesmaids.

To get some ideas on how you can make your crystal bouquets, you can go to different websites. Some of the best websites that you can visit are, and View some of their crystal bouquets and you may find something that you can use as an inspiration for the crystal bouquet that you are going to make.


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