How To Make Crystal Wedding Bouquets and Boutonnieres

Nowadays, more and more couples are choosing less traditional ways of carrying out their wedding. This includes the theme of the wedding and some of the items that they use for the wedding, such as the souvenirs, the program itself and the decorations. One of the things that you can do to make your wedding more unique is by using crystal bouquets and boutonnieres instead of the traditional flowers. You can do this on your own. Using crystals instead of flowers may be a bit more expensive but it will surely be worth it once you see the end product.

Here are the steps on how you can make crystal bouquets and boutonnieres for your wedding:

  1. Things that you will need for the project. The things that you will need for this project are 26 gauge wire in silver or gold, some Swarovski crystals, ribbons in the color of your choice and scissors. You can order some Swarovski crystals online so that wouldn’t have to go to the store.
  2. Know your vision. Know your vision on what you want the bouquets and boutonnieres to look like. You can make a pattern by laying down the wires and the Swarovski crystals in the pattern that you like. This will give you an idea on what the finished product will look like. By doing this, it will be easier and faster for you to make them.
  3. Prepare the gauge wires. Cut up the gauge wires in different lengths. For the bouquets, you can cut longer wires and for the boutonnieres cut shorter wires. When you are ready with your wires, you can proceed with the next steps.
  4. Making the crystal bouquets and boutonnieres. Slide the Swarovski crystals one by one on the wires. Secure them by twisting the wires. You can put a crystal on each stem or you can also put several crystals. If you want the crystals to be close together, you have to use the shorter wires. If you want the crystals spread out, use longer wires. For the boutonnieres, just do the same procedure. Make sure that you do not put a lot of crystals on the boutonnieres as it may become heavy and hard to wear.
  5. Finishing the project. To finish the bouquets, you will just have to cut up the wires and afterwards tie a ribbon around them. Do the same for the boutonnieres. Now you have your crystal bouquets and boutonnieres.

These are the simple steps on how you can make your own boutonnieres and bouquets. Now, you will have a unique wedding and impress your guests with the crystal decorations that you use instead of normal flower bouquets.

To get some inspiration on the kind of crystal bouquets that you can make, you can visit websites that provide this type of service. You can recreate the crystal bouquets that you see there so that you wouldn’t have to order and spend a lot of money for them. This is also a great activity that you can do together with your bridesmaids and friends.


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