How To Make Cutout Designs for Wedding Decorations

One of the most challenging tasks when preparing a wedding are the wedding decorations. Making the wedding one of the most memorable days means that you have to work on the aesthetics of the reception as well. To make your decorating tasks easier, use cutout designs for the wedding decorations.

Choose the image. There are plenty of images that you can choose, especially since the Internet has now allowed people to access high quality stock photos easily and for free. In choosing the images, make sure that you have theme in mind. This is especially important since you will need to print several cutout designs in order to add variety to the wedding decorations. At least ten images should be used, but more images will allow you to combine the prints in a larger number of ways. You can use a search engine to look for graphics and images. You can go for something classy and simple like white flowers, or young and vibrant such as neon colored designs. You can even go for abstract, mermaid themes, or even Hawaiian themes.

Download. Next, download the image. If you are planning on making large cutouts in high resolution, you will need to have good quality photographs. Though there are plenty of free photographs in the web, there are also a lot of low quality photos. Be sure to select the ‘View full picture’ option by right clicking on the image, before downloading. Otherwise, you will only get the thumbnails that have very low resolutions. Certain sites will require you to pay a few dollars for special photographs in high resolution. If you have the budget and if you simply must have the photograph, go ahead.

Edit. Next, edit the photographs in an image editor such as Adobe Photoshop. Here, you can clean up the image, sharpen the edges, transform the images to black and white, or to sepia colored prints, or even turn the photographs into vectors. If you are not an expert in using graphic editing software, choose photographs that require minimal editing – after all, Photoshop and other similar software products can be dizzying the first time you use it.

Print. Once you have the image that you want, the next step is to print these. Use glossy cardboard and a high resolution printer. You can also use fancy papers that have various textures, colors and scents. Just make sure to run a test page in the printer to check whether the ink will work on the type of paper. If the paper is too soft, you can paste this on the back of a cardboard to hold up the paper along the way.

Once the page has been printed, cut out the design using shears. You can also use scrapbooking scissors that have intricately shaped edges. This will allow you get pretty borders for the cutouts. Once the cutouts are prepared, place these on the tables or hang these on the walls to add instant décor for the wedding.


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