How To Make Diaper Presoak

The disposable diaper may be convenient, but they are also very expensive. For parents who stay at home most of the time, the cloth diaper is still a good option to have around. Having a few cloth diapers is also useful for when disposable diapers run out. One of the essentials of cloth diapers is the presoak solution, which will keep the diapers clean and odorless.

Prepare the container. You will need a separate container for your diaper presoak, especially if you are using cloth diapers most of the time. You can use any plastic gallon jugs for water. Stay clear from bottles that are used for other chemicals such as bleach because these will create dangerous gases when mixed with the ingredients used in diaper presoak. Clean the gallon jars and the wipe dry.

Mix the ingredients. The main ingredient for the diaper presoak is a gallon of water, half a cup of baking soda, and a quarter of a cup of ammonia. You can use scented ammonia if you want to add scent to the diapers. In general, however, the diapers will not smell at all as long as they are properly soaked in the solution.  Close the lid of the gallon jug and give the solution a good shake to get the ingredients to mix well.

Cover the diaper. To use the solution, take a small basin or bucket and add the mixture. Add the diapers and make sure that the solution covers the diapers completely. This will prevent odor from escaping from the soiled diapers, and will ensure thorough cleaning. Leave the diapers for several hours up to an entire day in the solution. After a day, it is best for you to wash the diapers. Otherwise, the ammonia and baking soda solution may weaken the fibers in the cloth diapers.

Wash. You can place the diapers along with the solution onto the washing machine. If you have plenty of soiled diapers in one small bucket, however, you should separate the diapers and throw the solution away. Wash the diapers using the normal rinse cycle using cold water. Run through the dryer or let the diapers dry out in the sun.  You can also let the diapers soak in hypoallergenic fabric conditioners and softeners, especially if your baby has very sensitive skin. In general, however, cloth is much gentler on the skin than the synthetic fibers that are used in disposable diapers. Cloth also allows the skin to breath easily.

Other uses. The presoak for diapers can be used for a wide variety of soiled items such as rugs and dirty towels. Soak the fabrics and then wash as usual. Be careful, however, not to use the presoak on fabrics that do not react well to ammonia. Ammonia can weaken certain types of fabrics such as silk. To be sure, you can dab a few drops of the solution onto the fabric first.

Keeping your baby happy and dry while cutting costs can be done by using diaper presoak. Through these steps, you should be able to create your diaper presoak which you can also store using the plastic gallon jugs.


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