How To Make Eye Contact with Women

Your eyes are the mirrors to your soul. Take a deep look and you can see who a person truly is. If you want to know who a person really is, all you have to do is look into someone's eyes. As a testament to this, you can never lie to a person when he or she is looking directly into your eyes.

However, making eye contact with women can get tricky. If you do not do it correctly, you run the risk of looking crazy, or, worse, creepy. What was intended to be a showing of your noble intentions can be misinterpreted. With this simple guide, you can make eye contact with women without the fear of being persecuted for it. Give the right impression by following these simple steps. All you have to do is scroll down and read, and in time you can be as good as a true pro.

Step 1

Look straight at her. Women see eye contact as proof that you can be trusted.  It also shows genuine interest and intentions (ranging from pure to impure).  Look straight into her eyes and maintain the eye contact. Maintain it between 4-6 seconds and look away. It is like looking at the sun. You can only look so long before your eyes start to hurt. If she is showing that she is also interested by smiling or flirting, then proceed to the next step.

Step 2

Show confidence. If you are getting a positive response, look straight into her eyes but make sure not to hold the stare for too long. If she stares back, don’t shift your gaze abruptly to your shoes or the floor. It can be interpreted as ‘I am dishonest’ or ‘just not interested.’  Exude confidence in your approach and don’t shy away. Of course, you have more chances to win her trust if you are a confident and appealing person. Confidence is the one quality that will allow you to do well. After all, she is looking back, right?

Step 3

Learn when to stop. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Do not gaze into the woman’s eye for too long because it will be seen as creepy. It would look as though you are a stalker. She may also see it as an effort to humiliate and embarrass her. 

Step 4

Flash of your smile. One way to communicate that you are interested is by showing off your smile while you look. This could be seen as flirting and that is a good thing. If she smiles back, look away, smile and look back. This is like a reel that will get the fish on the hook.

Step 5

The approach is part of the ritual. It will do you no good to just look at each other’s eyes all night if you don’t even know her name. Smile and show her that you are moving towards her. Don’t go directly in a straight line and move around the table, pretending to keep away from the other people. When you get to her, say hi and extend a friendly handshake while introducing yourself. From there, make the magic happen. 

Eye contact is a potent weapon in an effort to gain a woman’s interest. Use it wisely because when you master it, every woman out there will stand no chance against your charms. Then again if you find a woman better at making eye contact, it could be you that gets caught.


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